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Winner of 2020 Nanotechnology Young Researcher Award
SMART researchers develop 15-minute immune-profiling assay
FIU is among three universities receiving NSF funds to study climate change in tropics
Researchers lead remote wearable technology program
Researchers lead province-wide remote wearable technology program
NIH begins study of allergic reactions to Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines
Artificial intelligence to explore biomolecular world
Backing Business With New Tech Adoption Support
Big data dreams for tiny technologies
Homing in on longer-lasting perovskite solar cells
A new technology for transforming plastic is being patented at TSU
Method offers inexpensive imaging at scale of virus particles
Scientists use nanotechnology to detect bone-healing stem cells
Leveraging 5G Network to Wirelessly Power IoT Devices
New class of versatile, high-performance quantum dots primed for medical imaging, quantum computing
Soft Robotic Dragonfly Signals Environmental Disruptions
Nanotechnology innovation in water recycling could significantly reduce industrial use of freshwater
Microscope that detects individual viruses could power rapid diagnostics
University-business collaborations awarded share of £100,000
MIT.nano courses bring hands-on experimentation to virtual participants
Nanotechnology could enable test for early Alzheimer’s Disease
Could we recycle plastic bags into fabrics of future?
Controlled by Light Alone, New Smart Materials Twist, Bend and Move
Expert Leadership Forum announced to drive industry’s Biotech Blueprint strategy
A new kind of optical coating
Cees van Rijn named professor by special appointment of Microfluidics and Nanotechnology
UB leads construction of a pocket high-resolution microscope
Nominations of EPFL professors 6 March
Nanoparticle delivery offers hope to those with peripheral artery disease
Engineering boundary between 2D and 3D materials
‘Industry 4.0’ tech for post-COVID world, is driving inequality: UNCTAD
New and emerging technologies can foster an inclusive COVID-19 recovery – UN Report
A few developing countries overperform on frontier technologies, but most lag behind – UN Report
Researchers improve efficiency of next-generation solar cell material
Taking new steps with artificial platelets
Computing goes ‘neuromorphic’ with nanotechnology
Pore-like proteins designed from scratch
Launch of four European projects to develop avantgarde technologies
Early warning for immune system over-reaction in cancer treatment and COVID-19
Astronauts test virus-fighting surface coating developed by UQ and Boeing
International Space Station Tests Virus-fighting Surface Coating Developed by Boeing, University of Queensland
Re-Engineering Consumer Product Life Cycle
A new era of engagement for Griffith
Nanoparticles: shapeshifters that pass along food chain and end up in brain
Bone treatment startup raises $5.5 M in Series A financing, names pharmaceutical leader William Boyle as CEO
Creating a Clearer Picture: UVA Team Improving Weapons Screening at U.S. Ports
New nano-weapon against resistant bacteria
Salt battery design overcomes ‘bump’ in road to help electric cars go extra mile