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Mobile molecular robots swim in water
DTU strengthens collaboration with Mexican university
For first time, DNA and proteins sensed by de novo-designed nanopore
From humble beginnings to Australian science leader
ANU nanotech pioneer to lead Science Academy
Nanotechnology offers pain relief for tooth sensitivity
Mystery of high-performing solar cell materials revealed in stunning clarity
Getting quantum dots to stop blinking
GeSnOI mid-infrared laser technology
Design’s new frontier
Physicists reveal non-reciprocal flow around quantum world
Why drinking water needs monitoring for HIV drugs
Researchers kill bugs with nanoparticles
Simple silicon coating solves long-standing optical challenge
Competing quantum interactions enable single molecules to stand up
How Cells Correctly Choose Active Genes
Pelvic organ prolapse treatment attracts international award
‘Live’ brain models used in hunt for Alzheimer’s treatment
Researchers Discover Predictable Behavior in Promising Material for Computer Memory
Powerful tool for photonics research
Developing unbreakable screens
Researchers set ‘ultrabroadband’ record with entangled photons
On-water creation of conducting MOF nanosheets
UT Austin Ranked Best School in Texas and Highly Among Global Elite
NTU climbs to 33rd place, ranks world No.1 in four subjects by US News & World Report
Top 100 for University of Adelaide in 2022 US News Rankings of Best Global Universities
Ferritin-based Nanomedicine Developed for Targeted Leukemia Therapy
Sharpest images ever reveal patchy face of living bacteria
Chemists develop fundamentally new mode of adsorption
Quantum material to boost terahertz frequencies
TraumaChekTM: Next step in life-saving blood-assessment technology
How to program DNA robots to poke and prod cell membranes
TSU and South Korean scientists will develop new materials for implant
Cellular environments shape molecular architecture
Rare feat: Material protects against both biological and chemical threats
Smart slides help detect cancer
We created a microscope slide that could improve cancer diagnosis, by revealing ‘colour’ of cancer cells
Smart microscope slides detect cancer
Cheaper and better solar cells on horizon
Cheaper and better solar energy on horizon
Trapping light with disorder
Silicon anodes muscle in on battery technology
Innovative Sensor Specifically and Precisely Detects Molecule
HKU Engineering makes breakthrough in droplet manipulation
Engineer ing make breakthrough in droplet manipulation
New Covid antigen testing method offers highly accurate results in under 3 minutes
New nanoparticle developed for intravenous cancer immunotherapy
Safer treatment for deep-seated tumors