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A world first in imaging technology
Researchers turned transparent calcite into artificial gold
Rice Alliance Clean Energy Accelerator announces inaugural class
Novel Materials: Sound Waves Traveling Backwards
Machine Learning Speeds up Simulations in Material Science
Researchers of Mainz University involved in federally funded seawater desalination project in Persian Gulf
NTU Singapore is ranked among world’s Top 12 universities
Food safety is everyone’s business
A quantum step to a heat switch with no moving parts
Researchers develop world’s first blood test for real-time monitoring of cancer treatment success
UMass Amherst food scientists aim to make plant-based protein tastier and healthier
Chad Mirkin to receive Acta Biomaterialia Gold Medal
Filter membrane renders viruses harmless
Engineers create a programmable fiber
New ‘Swiss Army knife’ cleans up water pollution
Synchrotron light to unravel history of 15th Century Chinese porcelain
Austrian and Italian scientists join forces to strengthen health and safety in workplaces
Quality of Monash subjects recognised in prestigious ShanghaiRanking’s GRAS 2021
A new ‘gold standard’ compound for generating electricity from heat
NTU ranked Top 10 globally in 10 subjects by Shanghai Ranking
Are you happy or angry in front of screen?
Engineering matter at atomic level
FedDev Ontario investment helps North York-based fabricator expand into next-generation telecommunications and 5G markets
In-cell Nano-3D Printer: Synthesizing Stable Filaments from In-cell Protein Crystals
Silicon chips combine light and ultrasound for better signal processing
MIT turns “magic” material into versatile electronic devices
Hiking gear fabric has cooling effect that may make your next smartwatch more comfortable
Significant contribution to green transition is honored
Printed Circuits Protect Sensors
Australian researchers develop next-generation battery on nanotechnology
Mechanics of infinitely small: NanoGear, towards a molecular gear
Hanging by a thread: Imaging and probing chains of single atoms
Novel nanotech improves cystic fibrosis antibiotic by 100,000-fold
History of giants in gene: Scientists use DNA to trace origins of giant viruses
Transferability of surface-functionalized metallic nanoparticles
A patch for activation of anticancer drug inside tumor
NSF Names Georgia Tech lead Institute for New Integrated Photonics & Electronics Center
Magnetic Nanoparticles Pull Valuable Elements from Water Sources
Nano-sized McGraw Tower features 161 steps, chimes
RIES: Contributing to advancement of life and energy sciences through an interdisciplinary approach
Discovery of huge Raman scattering at atomic point contact
Scientists discover how to trick cancer cells to consume toxic drugs
Scroll’n’roll — nanomaterials towards effective photocatalytic pollution treatment
A material-keyboard made of graphene
Citrus derivative makes transparent wood 100 percent renewable
University of Alberta precision health and entrepreneurship platforms get a boost to accelerate innovation
Nanotechnology offers new hope for bowel cancer patients
Advances in smart delivery of pesticide