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12 ways University of Toronto is preparing for safe return to in-person instruction
T Cell Response Not Critical for Immune Memory to SARS-CoV-2 or Recovery from Covid
Why do some people get severe COVID-19? nose may know
UBC community supports COVID-19 research with rapid antigen testing clinic
Frequent COVID-19 testing key to efficient, early detection, study finds
TWU calls for rapid pre-flight testing as passenger and more crew test positive
Portable COVID-19 test revolutionizes detection
Seventh round of Corvallis TRACE-COVID-19 sampling suggests three people in 1,000 have virus
Asymptomatic pertussis more common in infants than previously thought
Researchers develop more reliable rapid tests for COVID-19
Researchers pilot new tests for early detection of lung cancer in Southampton
Using light to monitor cancer
CDC COVID-19 Study Shows mRNA Vaccines Reduce Risk of Infection by 91 Percent for Fully Vaccinated People
Vaccinations to be offered during Corvallis TRACE-COVID-19 sampling June 5 and 6
Corvallis TRACE-COVID-19 sampling June 5 and 6 to include saliva testing for antibodies
New human coronavirus that originated in dogs identified
UO’s COVID-19 testing program begins offering saliva tests
Ultrasensitive antigen test detects SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses
Mild COVID-19 infection is very unlikely to cause lasting heart damage
COVID-19 vaccine is associated with fewer asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections
Study shows 2% of asymptomatic pediatric dental patients test positive for COVID-19
Researchers question effectiveness of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines for solid organ transplant patients
Update to COVID-19 Supervised Quarantine Direction 9 April, South Australia
A better nasal swab for Covid-19 testing
Canada reminds travellers returning to Canada of COVID-19 border measures
Surveillance system tracks Covid infection hotspots in hospital
CDC Real-World Study Confirms Protective Benefits of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines
Global study shows elective surgery patients should be prioritized for COVID-19 vaccines
Scientists find evidence that novel coronavirus infects mouth’s cells
Scientists find evidence that coronavirus invades mouth’s cells
Surgical patients in New Zealand must get priority COVID-19 vaccine to save lives – study
Updates to COVID-19 Direction for 17 March 2021, South Australia
Researchers Partner with Pasadena Public Health on COVID-19 Study
Sixth round of Corvallis TRACE-COVID-19 sampling set for March 13 and 14
Doctor will see you now
NIH to evaluate COVID-19 at-home testing system
Penn Medicine Teams with West Philadelphia Skills Initiative, Hires 50 Laboratory Assistants for COVID-19 Testing Efforts
Study Finds Wearable Devices Can Detect COVID-19 Symptoms and Predict Diagnosis
It’s still too soon for New Zealand to relax COVID-19 border restrictions for travellers from low-risk countries
Inconsistent instructions may cause too-shallow nasal swabs
Pentagon Awards $231.8 Million Contract to Ellume USA LLC to Increase Domestic Production Capacity and Deliver COVID-19 Home Tests
At-Home SwabsDiagnose Infections as Accurately as Healthcare Worker-CollectedSwabs
We need to track down hidden infections
OSU to bring TRACE Community COVID-19 sampling to Redmond this weekend
CU Anschutz COVIDome Project aimed at speeding lifesaving treatment
Lost Your Sense of Smell? Suspect COVID-19
Zero positives among more than 300 tested in Sackett residence hall, GEM apartment building
New testing device can detect COVID-19 in 15 minutes