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Researchers develop rapid Covid test to identify variants in hours
Evolution of ‘escape’ mutations in patients with prolonged SARS-CoV-2 infection
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Sampling Surfaces for Covid at Public Health Laboratories
SHIELD program model for effective pandemic management
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Improving performance of rapid tests through clear instructions
Study tracks Covid infection dynamics in adults
Portable, point-of-care Covid test discerns alpha variant from earlier strains
Researchers Lead Development of Rapid Test for Detecting Covid
Towards more effective treatments for immunocompromised patients
Saliva testing for Covid quicker, safer than nasal swabs
Blood test may indicate higher risk pregnancies in patients with Covid
Immunological signature against Covid
HKUMed launches real-time community surveillance initiative with generous support by Fok Ying Tung Foundation
Light-based device uses few drops of saliva to effectively test Covid patients
Rapid Antigen Tests – rubbish or recyclable?
Nasal swab self-collection in kids for Covid surveillance testing for school
Managing COVID waste at home
Model of human nose shows SARS-CoV-2 and RSV infection
Model of human nose finds first steps of Covid and RSV infection
Top 3 Covid vaccine questions – Avoiding certain things before RAT, testing for kids, and variants picked up by tests
15 things not to do when using a rapid antigen test, from storing in freezer to sampling snot
Surveillance testing shown to reduce community Covid spread
Mandatory registration of positive results on Rapid Antigen Tests
Special Testing of Kidney Tissue from Deceased Covid Donor Documents Safe Transplantation of Organ, Johns Hopkins Researchers Report
Researcher’s Home Covid Test Comparable to PCR Accuracy, Selectivity
Scientists develop Covid testing lab in backpack
Researchers develop Covid testing lab in backpack
Journal highlights Lab testing of 3D-printed Covid nasal swabs
Study: Rapid Test for Detecting Covid Highly Accurate for Children and Adolescents
UBC clinical trial supports new self-administered rapid antigen test
Covid infection detected in deer in 6 Ohio locations
Rapid immune response in children protects them from Covid
Digital silver lining seen in failed Covid drug trial
New platform uses machine-learning and mass spectrometer to rapidly process Covid tests
Large field hospital study reveals rapid Covid test compares solidly with PCR detection
Q-FASTR awards spur early-stage research at HMS
Rapid Antigen Screening at Alexander Maconochie Centre
Measuring antibodies in saliva is useful and easy strategy to detect Covid infections
Taking your first rapid antigen test?
Long-term study of children with Covid begins
Parent-collected nose swabs are as good as nurse-collected nose swabs at detecting respiratory infections in kids
Hough Pharma Home test kits now available Australia wide