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Biden taps Eric Lander and Maria Zuber for senior science posts
Conductive nature in crystal structures revealed at magnification of 10 million times
Excess x-rays from neutron stars could lead to discovery of new particle
New videos show RNA as it’s never been seen
Glass frogs living near roaring waterfalls wave hello to attract mates
Study: X-Rays Surrounding ‘Magnificent 7’ May Be Traces of Sought-After Particle
Stanford engineers find a way to control chemical catalysts with sculpted light
Why cancer cells waste so much energy
Tiny wireless device might help in combating obesity
Astronomers document rise and fall of a rarely observed stellar dance
Optical computing at sub-picosecond speeds developed at Vanderbilt
Model analyzes how viruses escape immune system
Physicists find new state of matter in a one-dimensional quantum gas
Sexual harassment claims considered more credible if made by ‘prototypical’ women
White House New Bill Announcement 14 January
Building a Giant 2D Map of Universe to Prepare for Largest 3D Map
Possible first hints of low-frequency gravitational waves permeating cosmos
FSU computational mathematician recognized among world’s most influential researchers
Studying Chaos with One of World’s Fastest Cameras
Glimpse of a blazar in early universe
Machine Learning Tool Gives Early Warning Of Cardiac Issues in COVID Patients
Mathematics explains how giant ‘whirlpools’ form in developing egg cells
Dire wolf was a distinct species, different from gray wolf, biologists discover
50 million-year-old fossil assassin bug has unusually well-preserved anatomy
Engineer awarded NSF grant to investigate acoustic graphene properties
Hilgartner co-leads new COVID-19 policy research
Researchers discover one of our cellular building blocks acts as a gel, not liquid as previously believed
Astronomers discover most distant quasar
Storm in a cosmic teacup: A new paradigm for understanding plasma turbulence
Could ocean hold key to reducing carbon dioxide in atmosphere?
Researchers Find Wildfire Smoke is More Cooling on Climate Than Computer Models Assume
“Old Faithful” cosmic eruption shows black hole ripping at star
UCLA, Berggruen Institute announce lecture series featuring emerging visionaries
DNA in water used to uncover genes of invasive fish
White House Launches National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office
Tapping Brain to Boost Stroke Rehabilitation
Geoscientists develop new approach to understanding massive volcanic eruptions
Study finds obstacles for women and minorities in chemistry
Discovery of quantum behavior in insulators suggests possible new particle
Genetic material packaged inside cells is more solid than liquid
Analytical Measurements Can Predict Organic Solar Cell Stability
Researchers combine processors and memory on multiple hybrid chips to run AI on battery-powered smart devices
Researchers develop new one-step process for creating self-assembled metamaterials
Impacts of Climate Change on Our Water and Energy Systems: It’s Complicated
New process more efficiently recycles excess CO2 into fuel, study finds
New nanostructured alloy for anode is a big step toward revolutionizing energy storage
Built Environment Exacerbating COVID-19 Pandemic, Researchers Argue
Engineers find antioxidants improve nanoscale visualization of polymers