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Drizzle at sub-zero temps recorded in Antarctica
Secrets to climate change adaptation uncovered in European corn borer moth
Spiders and ants inspire metal that won’t sink
NSF grant provides next step for assistive walking exoskeletons
Study reveals surprising amount of gene flow among butterfly species
Researchers Find Best Classroom Shapes for Fish Swimming in Schools
Antarctic ice cliffs may not contribute to ice-sheet instability as much as predicted
Ancient molecules from sea likely burst into air from ocean waves
How Stabilizing Disordered Proteins May Lead to Next Generation of Medical Applications
How to tell if you’ve found Mr. or Mrs. Right? For lemurs, it’s in their B.O
A simpler way to make some medicines
Giving robots a faster grasp
New augmented reality system lets smartphone users get hands-on with virtual objects
New Catalyst Would Boost Biomass Conversion to Fuels, Chemicals
A Mathematical Model Reveals Long-Distance Cell Communication Mechanism
New approach for modern power grids increases efficiency, reduces costs
ORNL scientists shed light on microbial ‘dark matter’ with new approach
Borophene on silver grows freely into an atomic ‘skin’
Grains in rain
Researchers Report a New Way to Produce Curvy Electronics
North Atlantic haddock use magnetic compass to guide them
Where does spark of interest in science come from?
Process for Making Ductile Glass Discovered by Rensselaer Researchers
Hope for coral recovery may depend on good parenting
Trainings offered for new research funding search tool Pivot
Development of Real-Time Analysis of Power Grid Data Receives NSF Support
Salt marshes’ capacity to store carbon may be threatened by nitrogen pollution
Semiconducting Material More Affected By Defects Than Previously Thought
Distractions distort what’s real, study suggests
New Metamaterial Morphs Into New Shapes, Taking on New Properties
Solving longstanding mystery of how friction leads to static electricity
New sensors to monitor storm surge on bridges
Study reveals new patterns of key ocean nutrient
Studying Soil Behavior Under Pressure Could Save Millions of Dollars
Agrivoltaics proves beneficial across food, water, energy nexus
Oak trees in Southern U.S. cities are natural urban air filters
Helping autonomous vehicles, robots make better plans
Moving faster in a crowd: Examining cell particle movement
UT Austin Boosts U.S. Science with Largest Academic Supercomputer in World
Promising new solar-powered path to hydrogen fuel production
Technique uses magnets, light to control and reconfigure soft robots
New technique isolates placental cells for non-invasive genetic testing
Self-folding “Rollbot” paves way for fully untethered soft robots
Study reveals changing patterns in globally important algae
Facial recognition technique could improve hail forecasts
Research shows why there’s a ‘sweet spot’ depth for underground magma chambers
Scent brings songbirds to yard
Installing solar panels on agricultural lands maximizes their efficiency