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U part of world’s ultimate IT team
Chaotic electrons heed ‘limit’ in strange metals
Two strands are tougher than one
Last ice-covered parts of summertime Arctic Ocean vulnerable to climate change
Making sense of cosmos
Krawczynski to examine role of water in volcanoes, Earth’s evolution
Model can predict how drug interactions influence antibiotic resistance
Possible future for Western wildfires: Decade-long burst, followed by gradual decline
Bushfires, not pandemic lockdowns, had biggest impact on global climate in 2020
How do brains form? New Binghamton research studies folding, growth in fetuses
Biomedical engineers find imaging technique could become treatment for deep vein thrombosis
Views on School Assignments, Diversity Are Similar – Even in Cities with Segregated Schools
Machine Learning for Cardiovascular Disease Improves When Social, Environmental Factors Are Included
Researchers Demonstrate Technique for Recycling Nanowires in Electronics
Under pressure, ‘squishy’ compound reacts in remarkable ways
Scientist studies anole lizards to help conserve vulnerable species
U.S. President Biden Announces Eight Nominees to Serve as U.S. Attorneys
Yang to study two-dimensional quantum materials
Naturally inspired, reusable system that purifies water and builds itself
How ethane-consuming archaea pick up their favorite dish
Southeastern US herbaria digitize three million specimens, now freely available online
New study provides clues to decades-old mystery about cell movement
Research finds previously unseen star formation in Milky Way
For female vampire bats, an equal chance to rule roost
Spotted: An Exoplanet with Potential to Form Moons
Deep-sea sponges set to inspire future construction designs
Summer CIS programs foster diversity, community
“Magic-angle” trilayer graphene may be a rare, magnet-proof superconductor
Nanostructures enable record high-harmonic generation
Rensselaer Team Aims To Pave Way for Robust AI in Medical Imaging
Scientists resurrect ‘forgotten’ genus of marine algae
New 3D images of shark intestines show they function like Nikola Tesla’s valve
Research reveals microbes play critical role boosting vigor of hybrid corn
UTA scientists investigate diseased Caribbean coral species
Cleaner air has boosted U.S. corn and soybean yields, research shows
15,000-year-old viruses discovered in Tibetan glacier ice
Scientists developing inhalable COVID-19 vaccine spray
COVID-19 variants develop better lock-picking skills to invade human cells
Renewable energy OK, but not too close to home
Empirical Findings Show That Interoceptive Accuracy Differs Across Life Stages
Role of deep-sea microbial predators at hydrothermal vents examined
Research reveals that electronic air cleaning technology can generate unintended pollutants
Update on NIST’s Investigation of Champlain Towers South Collapse
How micro-circuits in brain regulate fear
FSU neuroscientist collaborates on international obesity research
Chemical reactions break free from energy barriers using flyby trajectories
University of Minnesota develops new tool to help farmers make crop input decisions
FSU reseachers develop new model of flow properties for class of polymers