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North Atlantic haddock use magnetic compass to guide them
Where does spark of interest in science come from?
Process for Making Ductile Glass Discovered by Rensselaer Researchers
Hope for coral recovery may depend on good parenting
Trainings offered for new research funding search tool Pivot
Development of Real-Time Analysis of Power Grid Data Receives NSF Support
Salt marshes’ capacity to store carbon may be threatened by nitrogen pollution
Semiconducting Material More Affected By Defects Than Previously Thought
Distractions distort what’s real, study suggests
New Metamaterial Morphs Into New Shapes, Taking on New Properties
Solving longstanding mystery of how friction leads to static electricity
New sensors to monitor storm surge on bridges
Study reveals new patterns of key ocean nutrient
Studying Soil Behavior Under Pressure Could Save Millions of Dollars
Agrivoltaics proves beneficial across food, water, energy nexus
Oak trees in Southern U.S. cities are natural urban air filters
Helping autonomous vehicles, robots make better plans
Moving faster in a crowd: Examining cell particle movement
UT Austin Boosts U.S. Science with Largest Academic Supercomputer in World
Promising new solar-powered path to hydrogen fuel production
Technique uses magnets, light to control and reconfigure soft robots
New technique isolates placental cells for non-invasive genetic testing
Self-folding “Rollbot” paves way for fully untethered soft robots
Study reveals changing patterns in globally important algae
Facial recognition technique could improve hail forecasts
Research shows why there’s a ‘sweet spot’ depth for underground magma chambers
Scent brings songbirds to yard
Installing solar panels on agricultural lands maximizes their efficiency
A torque on conventional magnetic wisdom
Researchers turn off backscattering, aim to improve optical data transmission
Mercury levels in fish are on rise
Where to fish? In times of uncertainty, experienced fishing boat captains may fare better
Brain Stimulation for PTSD Patients
Perceptions of unemployment benefits and impacts on job search
Rice lab produces simple fluorescent surfactants
Technique Uses Magnets, Light to Control and Reconfigure Soft Robots
New technology for protein complex discovery holds promise for biotechnology and crop improvement
How we care for environment may have social consequences
Seismologists monitor Ridgecrest quake aftershocks using novel fiber optic network
UTA’s Master of Architecture program receives STEM designation from state board
New technique helps engineer water filters, human tissues
Oddball edge wins nanotube faceoff
Astronomers see evidence of Einstein’s theories in star orbiting massive black hole
World’s Smallest Fossil Monkey Found in Amazon Jungle
Einstein’s general relativity theory is questioned but still stands ‘for now,’ team reports
New observations find Alaskan glacier melt rates significantly higher than predicted by theory
Underwater Glacial Melting Occurring Much Faster Than Predicted
Milky Way’s central black hole puts Einstein’s theories to test