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Coronavirus Mutation May Have Made It More Contagious
Models show how COVID-19 cuts a neighborhood path
UW awarded $23.5M to build floating robots as part of NSF project to monitor world’s oceans
Face mask aims to deactivate virus to protect others
Buzz kill: Spiders ‘hear’ airborne prey via their legs
Augmented reality to provide new skills for manufacturing workforce education
Princeton project expands to create a worldwide fleet of robotic floats to monitor ocean health
Copolymer helps remove pervasive PFAS toxins from environment
Engineering startups harness Cornell’s entrepreneurial energy
Disease-transmission model forecasts election outcomes
Researchers break magnetic memory speed record
Stanford path-planning algorithm enables autonomous multi-drone aerial surveys of Antarctic penguin colonies
New 3D cell culture method points to personalized cancer therapies
Secrets of ‘smasher shrimp’ property ladder revealed
Canada supports innovation and entrepreneurship with launch of Lab2Market Program
Key building block of life may have arrived from deep space
Cellular networks vulnerable to wildfires across U.S
Lighting a path to find Planet Nine
Gut bacteria associated with animal-based diet may mitigate risk of cardiovascular disease
University’s incubators guide, advise startup teams
Greenhouse effect of clouds instrumental in origin of tropical storms
Cold vibrations: Researchers to study movement of thawing Arctic permafrost
Declines in shellfish species on rocky seashores match climate-driven changes
Mythbusting: 5 common misperceptions surrounding environmental impacts of single-use plastics
Modeling safer, more effective cardio implant devices
Researcher Leads Study of Seabird Ecosystem Shift in Falkland Islands
SPOTlight supercharges cell studies
All-terrain microrobot flips through a live colon
Research shows aging chimps, like humans, value friendships
Active volcanoes feed Io’s sulfurous atmosphere
A wearable sensor to help ALS patients communicate
Simple actions can help people survive landslides, UW analysis shows
Researchers use NSF Convergence Accelerator to shorten drug discovery timeline
Scientists show jet lag impairs immune response in mice
Thanks to a bit of ingenuity, collaboration continues unabated
Electronic design tool morphs interactive objects
Finally, a way to see molecules ‘wobble’
Researchers Eye a System That Uses Marine Microplastics to Get Rid of Marine Microplastics
Grafting with epigenetically-modified rootstock yields surprise
Covid-19 Interventions Can Cut Virus Infections, Severe Outcomes, and Healthcare Needs
Study reports chemical mechanism that boosts enzyme commonly observed in cancer
Scientists shed new light on role of viruses in coral bleaching
At our cores, we’re all strengthened by ‘dumbbells’
Study discovers potential target for treating aggressive cancer cells
Study discovers potential target for treating aggressive cancer cells
Seagrasses restored to Virginia bays are flourishing
Lost and Found: UH Geologists ‘Resurrect’ Missing Tectonic Plate
Neuropilin-1 drives SARS-CoV-2 infectivity, finds breakthrough study