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Snake venom evolved to target just right prey
Researchers use AI to empower environmental regulators
Research Inside Hill Slopes Could Help Wildfire and Drought Prediction
DNA robots designed in minutes instead of days
Study reveals a unique mode of cell migration on soft ‘viscoelastic’ surfaces
Caught speeding: Clocking fastest-spinning brown dwarfs
Prof. Lionel NI appointed as Founding President of HKUST
Improved desalination process also removes toxic metals to produce clean water
Egg and sperm cell size evolved from competition
A new guide for communicating plant science
Chemist wins David Y. Gin Young Investigator Award
Grants to fund research into antibiotic-resistant bacteria, bio-powered fuel cells
Water crisis took toll on Flint adults’ physical, mental health
Nobel laureate among presenters for UTA Science Week
Weather surveillance radar data shows 45 million insects taking flight over brightly lit city
Self-Built Protein Coatings Could Improve Biomedical Devices
FSU engineers improve performance of high-temperature superconductor wires
Diet of Homotherium sabertooth cat included baby mammoths, according to new research
Snake species from different terrains surrender surface secrets behind slithering success
Researchers search for clues to COVID-19 treatment with help from synchrotron X-rays
From stardust to pale blue dot: Carbon’s interstellar journey to Earth
Fast-spinning black holes narrow search for dark matter particles
Researchers aim to develop bilingual computer programming curricula for youth
Chillest Ape: How Humans Evolved A Super-High Cooling Capacity
Stanford plant biologists help develop guide for science outreach
Thicker-leaved tropical plants may flourish under climate change
Study Shows Powered Prosthetic Ankles Can Restore a Wide Range of Functions for Amputees
I3 seed funding program awards grants to four research teams
Ocean bacteria release carbon into atmosphere
Atmospheric travel: Scientists find microplastic everywhere
Researchers Engineer Probiotic Yeast to Produce Beta-Carotene
Bacteria May Be Key To Understanding Health of Aquatic Ecosystems
Single day of competition in wild is encoded in brain
Study unlocks how wild bees can survive habitat pressures
Making music from spider webs
Statement by OSA CEO Elizabeth Rogan on U.S. President Biden’s FY2022 Budget Proposal
First results from Fermilab’s Muon g-2 experiment strengthen evidence of new physics
Masculine traits linked to better parenting for some dads
FSU engineering researchers visualize motion of vortices in superfluid turbulence
FIU is among three universities receiving NSF funds to study climate change in tropics
U.S. East Coast sea level rise in 20th century fastest in 2,000 years
UNM part of NSF’s Engineering Research Visioning Alliance
UNM researchers will use grant to blend traditional craft with computational design
Reflecting sunlight could cool Earth’s ecosystem
Penn State partners to launch NSF’s Engineering Research Visioning Alliance
Physics group joins in announcement of stronger evidence of new physics revealed by Fermilab’s Muon g-2 experiment
Entomologist to examine how plant domestication influences pollinator evolution
Seeing Quadruple