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Researchers develop artificial synapse that works with living cells
How Young Embryos Conduct Quality Control
Scientists map how human retinal cells relay information to brain
Corey Goodman awarded Gruber Neuroscience Prize
Modeling neuronal cultures on ‘brain-on-a-chip’ devices
Want to come up with a creative idea? Here’s how
Researchers lead international study on effects of COVID-19 on sleep
Friedrich Bonhoeffer receives 2020 Gruber Neuroscience Prize
Atypical myosin plays a key role in neuron branching
Data Science Is Helping to Explain Epileptic Seizures
High doses of ketamine can temporarily switch off brain, say researchers
Demand for Lift Project sees second round open
Neuroscientist Emily Jacobs is awarded a $5M NIH grant to advance women’s health
New consortium EUbOPEN will provide tools to unlock disease biology
Chemotherapy and Cancer Gang up to Cause a Neurological Side Effect, Study Says
Congratulations to dentists named in 2020 Queen’s Birthday honours
Antioxidants in brain linked to improved psychosis treatment
Researchers Run ‘Philosophy Experiment’ in a Lab to Test Objectivity of Vision
Early childhood intervention programs may reap benefits across generations
New institute pushes neuroscience excellence forward
National honours shine a spotlight on UQ scientists
Queen’s Birthday honours for five Academy Fellows
Unravelling Complex Brain Networks with Automated 3-D Neural Mapping
Queen’s Birthday Honours 2020
Robert Zatorre wins major international award
Fitful nightly sleep linked to chronic inflammation, hardened arteries
Awards & Accolades: May 2020
Faces, Bodies, Spiders, and Radios: How Brain Represents Visual Objects
Chemical messenger in brain could point to better treatments for anxiety
Biochemical alterations revealed in patients with Lesch-Nyhan disease
Silicon ‘neurons’ may add a new dimension to computer processors
Studies of Brain Activity Aren’t as Useful as Scientists Thought
Study finds new link between sub-concussion and motor dysfunction
Reducing inflammation boosts cognitive recovery after stroke and may extend treatment window
Codecheck confirms reproducibility of COVID-19 model results
‘single pixel’ vision in fish could help scientists understand how humans see tiny detail
In Inner Ear, UVA Finds an Essential Key to Hearing Sensitivity
Professor Andrew Fabian awarded Kavli Prize
Researchers find where stress lives
Persistent depression is more likely in those who also experience symptoms of anxiety
Scientists show physics can be applied to understand mystery of consciousness
Chimpanzees help trace evolution of human speech
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA names 2020 Switzer Prize recipient
Local 12: Local man creates workout machine for amputees, disabled persons
Bearden senior Christiane Alvarez receives UT-Battelle Scholarship
Unique insight into development of human brain: Researchers produce a model of early embryonic brain
Funding success for research into mental health and suicide prevention
University startup connects health providers to donations of critical supplies