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Major successes for Uppsala University researchers’ battery material
Coverage Set for NASA’s Boeing OFT-2 Briefings, Events, Broadcast
‘Measure to manage’ nitrogen expenditure in HRZ
Materials synthesis research and study in terapascal range for first time
New mechanism in regulating selective autophagy
Atmospheric helium levels are rising
Switching to feral pig diet helped boost croc numbers
Trials assess soil nitrogen carryover after frost or heat
New Hypothesis Explicates Linkage between Mycorrhizal Types of Trees and Forest Soil Nitrogen Cycling
Clean air regulation now open for comment
Discovery about coral-algal symbiosis could help coral reefs recover after bleaching events
New polymer membrane technology efficiently removes carbon dioxide from mixed gases
Sweet spots in sea
Mountains of sugar under seagrass meadows
New plant science team gets grants from USDA-NIFA for research on soil microbes
International Compost Week is good for soil – Wollongong
Breakfast of Champions
Scientists spewing vitriol from their Government-funded gravy train
Researchers model landscape formation on Titan, revealing an Earthlike alien world
Dietary fats, human nutrition and environment: balance and sustainability
How Do Seaweeds Polysaccharides Stimulate Microbial Activity to Achieve High Remediation Performance
High Output Voltage
Scientists Synthesize Novel Nitride and Stabilize Its Hexazine Rings at High Pressure
Sapphire fibre could enable cleaner energy and air-travel
New explosive compound emerges from strange world of high-pressure chemistry
Inauguration: ‘Planning for Environmental Change’ – rural area reclassified
“Spring-loaded” system pops phosphorus into molecular rings
Scientists build microporous MOF traps for mitigating toxic gases
‘Planning for Environmental Change’: Rural area reclassified
$6 million investment completes final phase of wastewater treatment upgrade
Guiding superconducting future with graphene quantum magic
With dwindling water supplies, timing of rainfall matters
Satellite Payloads Soar into Space With Liftoff of Long March-4C Rocket
NASA to Discuss Status of Artemis I Moon Mission
Research could enable assembly line synthesis of prevalent amine-containing drugs
Global decline in nitrogen availability has consequences for many natural ecosystems
Ranking nanodevice functionality methods
Graphene-hBN breakthrough to spur new LEDs, quantum computing
500 households are warm thanks to ‘rechargeable’ iron powder
Busy mothers breastfed less in 19th century Netherlands: study
Infectious bacteria force host plants to feed them, study finds
Infectious bacteria force host plants to feed them
Northern growers warned to consider elevated disease risk when making chickpea planting decisions
4 V-class Metal-free Organic Lithium-ion Battery Gets Closer to Reality
New Dynamic Vegetation Model Constructed for Soil Mineralized Nitrogen Prediction
Adult Eelgrass Shoots Rule Seedling Fate in Large Seagrass Meadow in Eutrophic Bay of Northern China
Bacteria generate electricity from methane
Changes to Reef regulations affecting our farmers