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Durham among first to use Hubble’s successor
Reduction in nitrogen deposition leads to biodiversity recovery
Tropical Forest Soils Capture CO2 Under Elevated Nitrogen Deposition
Latest lockdown had less impact on UK air pollution levels than first, new analysis shows
Impacts of Coronavirus Lockdowns: New Study Collects Data on Pollutants in Atmosphere
Presenting… early stage researchers: Johannes Herpell is rethinking agriculture
How is your effluent pond – does it need clearing?
Thicker-leaved tropical plants may flourish under climate change
Three Satellite Payloads Ready for China’s First Atmospheric Monitoring Satellite
Plasma device designed for consumers can quickly disinfect surfaces
Researchers study dog diets in Bronze Age and First Iron Age using remains from Can Roqueta site
Lab team’s new interferometric instrument improves refractive index measurements at high pressure
USF leads first research cruise to study Piney Point’s environmental impact
Cover crops – a game changer 8 April
Incredible Bacterial ‘Homing Missiles’ That Scientists Want to Harness
A “Safe and Just corridor” for planet and people
Doing groundwork for a more holistic, gentler future
Soil bacteria could improve crop yields, via fungi
Spin Defects Under Control
Stubble management: What to consider this autumn
UNE researchers examine kelp farming’s benefits to ecosystem
Ancient atmospheric oxygen sleuthing with ocean chromium
Fall in love with colorful, dazzling dahlias
From stardust to pale blue dot: Carbon’s interstellar journey to Earth
From dinner to sustainable electronics, surprising versatility of crabs
Checklist for self-sown oats
Tree fungus reduces fertilizer requirement for ketchup tomatoes
Two strange planets
Defence outlines greener future
Groundwater discharge affects water quality in coastal waters
Government supports new programme to lead New Zealand’s plant protein sector development
This Ultrathin Sensor Could Save Your Lungs – and Climate
Forests on caffeine: coffee waste can boost forest recovery
Truck dimension rules blocking electric, hydrogen and cleaner vehicles
Sorting out nanodiamonds with fluorescent centers
New documentation: Old-growth forest carbon sinks overestimated
Oil and gas industry can be a key plank to COVID-19 economic recovery and reducing Australia’s emissions
How Grasslands respond to climate change
Climate-friendly, but antisocial
When is right time to wean calves?
Simple iodine will speed up drug discovery
Student’s research aims to increase quality of city’s waste water
What Happened to Mars’s Water? It is Still Trapped There
Annual legumes – Ilford demo site report
New machine harnesses Earth’s magnetic field to detect chemicals
FAU researchers break bonds in molecular nitrogen with calcium
Contactless high performance power transmission
Scientists are synthesizing a unique refractory material