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More lonely deaths in hospitals and nursing homes from COVID
‘Imagine U Storytime’ continues with new stories through 18 July
Researchers develop new materials for energy and sensing
Pandemic disproportionately affects scientists with young children
Short gamma ray burst leaves most-distant optical afterglow ever detected
Chemist discusses state of plasmon-induced chemistry research, a field he helped found
New, remote weight-loss method helped slash pounds
New therapy extends breast cancer survival rate, prevents reoccurrence
Jorgensen Center Debuts Digital Stage with ‘Midsummer Music’ Series
Materials scientists drill down to vulnerabilities in human tooth decay
New biomaterial could shield against harmful radiation
Your necklace knows you binged on Chunky Monkey
Portable system boosts laser precision, at room temperature
KNCV Gold Medal for Patricia Dankers
‘Pregnancy test for water’ delivers fast, easy results on water quality
Materials scientists drill down to vulnerabilities involved in human tooth decay
Researchers print, tune graphene sensors to monitor food freshness, safety
Like a treasure map, brain region emphasizes reward location
Astronomers find mystery object in mass gap University gravitational wave group play key role
Black hole or neutron star?
LIGO-Virgo Finds Mystery Object in “Mass Gap”
Astronomers find record-breaking mystery object in “mass gap”
OSU helping to drive National Institutes of Health effort to harness analytics in COVID-19 fight
Urine test reveals quality of your diet – and whether it’s best for your body
Synthetic materials mimic living creatures
New A.I. tool is a potential timesaver for COVID-19 researchers
Hunting in savanna-like landscapes may have poured jet fuel on brain evolution
Women’s Center names Hankyeol Song as first Feminist-in-Residence
COVID-19 threatens entire nervous system
Research reveals racism challenges in human-computer interaction
‘Imagine U Storytime’ continues with new stories through
Tiny pump builds polyrotaxanes with precision
Aerosol-printed graphene unveiled as low cost, faster food toxin sensor
Inherited mutation increases risk of prostate cancer in men of African descent
Racial wealth gap growing for families with children
Smart PPE project receives NSF RAPID grant
Poll: Black woman running mate favored for Vice President Biden
Females still an afterthought in research
Sharing of tacit knowledge is most important aspect of mentorship, study finds
Robert Zatorre wins major international award
Wearable COVID-19 sensor receives NSF RAPID grant
New pill could prevent anaphylaxis in people with food, drug allergies
Legal scholar’s new website offers a picture of criminal justice system
Smart sponge could clean up oil spills
Researcher making a mark with a NASA satellite mission
Solving battery-free devices’ short-term memory loss
School segregation by wealth is creating unequal learning outcomes for children in Global South
Astrophysicists capture new class of transient objects