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Remarks by President Trump Welcoming 2019 College Football National Champions: Louisiana State University Tigers
Family Foundations helps support military families expecting their first child
What’s a halo made of? Scientists have new insights on galactic kind
Fossil is oldest-known scorpion
Study: Pig virus is easily transmitted among chickens and turkeys
‘Biodegradable plastics’ is coolest Ohio State science story of 2019
Finding a new way to fight late-stage sepsis
Study: Reduce crime by focusing efforts on rapists
Simplifying how scientists share data
More Chinese scientists in America are going back home
U.S. Air Force studies fatigue, sleep to enhance readiness
Seeing new Star Wars? Be careful what you wish for
NASA’s Moon to Mars Plans, Artemis Lunar Program Gets Fast Tracked in 2019
Man jailed in US for 35 years for sexually exploiting boys, including Australians
Tiny magnetic particles enable new material to bend, twist and grab
Understanding what makes black pigment black
Three jailed over gun parts hidden in toys
Scheme to change energy use hurts vulnerable households
Planning by employers may help to reduce sexual harassment at ‘fun’ work events
Researchers to lead Northeast Ohio initiative to prevent, detect and treat lung cancer in underserved communities
Presidential Proclamation on Wright Brothers Day, 2019
Astronaut conducts Cornell experiment on space station
A new gene therapy strategy, courtesy of Mother Nature
Heat or eat? How one energy conservation strategy may hurt vulnerable populations
Case Western Reserve social sciences researchers develop new tool to assess exposure to childhood violence, trauma
A mission to find next Earth
Scientists peer beneath Antarctic ice sheet to understand future climate vulnerability
New high-precision map of Antarctica’s bed topography
Out-of-network costs soar for non-emergency hospitalizations
Shrinking of Greenland’s glaciers began accelerating in 2000, research finds
High doses of vitamin D for critically ill patients yield minimal benefit
James Wilson Clark, PPPL’s first deputy director for administrative operations
Satellite data reveals dramatic change to Greenland’s ice sheet
State of shock: 200-year-old law about gas mixtures called into question
Last remaining glaciers in Pacific will soon melt away
CAR T-cell therapy effective for relapsed mantle cell lymphoma patients
Regional trends in overdose deaths reveal multiple opioid epidemics, according to new study
Training middle-school educators to identify suicide warning signs
You create your own false information, study finds
Genomic features of AML in patients over age 60 can predict success of bone marrow stem cell
Remarks by President Trump and Vice President Pence in a Roundtable on Small Business and Red Tape Reduction Accomplishments
Food pantries can help improve nutrition, diet quality
Scientists see defects in potential new semiconductor
Depression affects one-third of lung cancer patients
Study Finds ‘Virtual Biopsy” Allows Doctors to Accurately Diagnose Precancerous Pancreatic Cysts
A Common Drug Could Help Restore Limb Function After Spinal Cord Injury
AFMC announces 2020 Spark Tank finalists
AF Week in Photos