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New cookbook boosts protein diet to help people beat cancer
Treating sleep apnoea can improve memory in people with cognitive decline
JCVI provides interim advice on an autumn Covid booster programme
Report details potential problems caused by lack of diversity in clinical trials
How cranberries could improve memory and ward off dementia
15-minute city within reach for Vancouver: SFU study
Health screening, genetic tests might identify people at risk of premature heart disease
Aging well in pandemic: Older adults share what it takes
If you take several medications, ‘polypharmacy’ is word to know
Community-focused strategy improves vaccine uptake in Black and Latino communities
Research reveals postbiotic urolithin improves muscle strength and exercise performance in middle aged adults
UC Davis Health offering Vietnamese Mini-Medical School for second year
Black Adults Raised in South Have Greater Risk of Lower Cognitive Performance in Later Life
Hospices vary widely in prescribing “comfort kit” medications
Eltham Multi-use Courts big hit
Hospices vary widely in prescribing of “comfort kit” medications
Study links Antibiotic use to inflammatory bowel disease in older adults
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease causes premature aging of immune system
Almost 80% of eligible over-75s receive spring booster
Regular exercise with dietary advice linked to better mobility in frail older people
Secure Act regulations seek to dispel ‘illusion of wealth’ for older adults
Combination of “feelings” and measurements suggest Alzheimer’s in early stage
Science in Seconds: Healthy Aging
Covid and Obesity Disparities for Black Communities
Regular blueberry consumptioncould help lower risk of dementia
Comparing power training vs strength training on physical function in older adults
How leaky gut leads to inflamed lungs
Researchers use AI to prompt older adults’ participation in research
Ethicist: Crisis-care protocols should ignore patients’ age
Poor eyesight unfairly mistaken for brain decline
Covid pandemic led to increase in loneliness around world
On mission to cut Papua New Guinea’s high levels of sexual violence
Study finds large differences in heart attack care across six high income countries
14.9 million excess deaths associated with Covid pandemic in 2020 and 2021
Poorer health in disabled linked to lack of home adaptations
Change in long-term outcomes among older adults who survived heart attack
Hearing and vision impairment linked to serious cognitive impairment in older adults
Brain networks can play role in weight-loss success
Ana Quiñones’ research aims to eliminate health disparities
Research of promising Alzheimer’s marker in blood prompts warning about brain-boosting supplements
Scientists identify genetic variants linked to mobility changes in aging
Three Simple Interventions for Cancer Prevention in Older People
Inclusive design and research methods will lead to more innovative, intelligent technology
Ageing positively in Maroondah
Readout of White House Roundtable with Lesbian Leaders to Celebrate Lesbian Day of Visibility
New data reveals burden of dementia symptoms just as high in community population as nursing home residents
Millions worldwide could benefit after breakthrough trial in treatment for Alzheimer’s
Corticosteroids raise risk of hospitalization for pain crises among individuals living with sickle cell disease