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Better healthcare management can reduce risk of delirium among older adults
ARC funding announcement
Burden of oral diseases in emerging countries
Older people are worse at learning to self-help, but just as good learning to help others
Monash study reveals who, what and where of homicides in people over 65 – revealing home is often unsafe
How Build Back Better Framework Will Support Women’s Employment and Strengthen Family Economic Security
U to test if video games can relieve late-life depression
Looking beyond numbers to see pandemic’s effect on nursing home residents
Safe at home? We need a new strategy to protect older adults from violent crime
Healing trauma: Research links PTSD, emotion regulation and quality of life
Medication or exercise? What works best for seniors with mild to moderate depression?
Vaccine Hesitancy in Young Adults May Hamper Herd Immunity
5 ways to keep your heart safe in extreme heat
Ohio State collaborates on $2.9 million grant to study age-related muscle loss
Language isolation affects health of Mexican Americans
NIH Grant Supports Clinical Trial to Determine if Video Games Can Relieve Late-Life Depression
Jump start for local hospo jobs
Canada and Ontario invest over $3.8 million to support two recreation and cultural facilities in North York
Should we delay covid-19 vaccination in children?
Passing ball: Shifting responsibility for care coordination from patient to provider
AR can improve lives of older adults, so why are apps designed mainly with youngsters in mind?
Tooth Loss Associated with Increased Cognitive Impairment, Dementia
Group excursions boost happiness in older people: new study
Aging-related conditions increase treatment burden in older cancer patients
Dogs vs cats in lockdown
Understanding frailty will lead to better care for older adults
One in four adults with depression or anxiety lack mental health support during pandemic
Send us your Over 50s Festival events
How inequality explains high impact of COVID-19 in UK
Diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids may help reduce headaches
JCVI issues interim advice on COVID-19 booster vaccination
Neighborhood ties improve well-being of older adults
Researchers investigate factors determining response of colorectal cancer patients to immunotherapy
Under-40s can ask their GP for an AstraZeneca shot
FSU RIDER Center helps communities plan for threats from natural disasters
Having Same Nurse for Home Health Visits May Prevent Rehospitalization for People with Dementia
Empowering older people could be key to positive change
Ashburton Seniors Centre community open day
GSA’s journal’s add seven articles on COVID-19 and aging
More seniors may have undiagnosed dementia than previously thought
Older Americans are aging better than ever, especially women
Investigational Alzheimer’s drug improves biomarkers of disease
Some blood pressure-lowering meds linked to less memory decline in older adults
Study Reveals Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Childhood Cancers by Single Year of Age
Personalized medicine, not X-rays, should guide forearm fracture treatment in older adults
Apps ‘valuable tool’ in helping manage chronic pain
Aging research seek solutions to homelessness among Canada’s older population
ATAGI statement on revised recommendations on use of COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca, 17 June 2021