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Too much sex and not enough sleep is deadly for endangered marsupial
Research Links Obesity to Alzheimer’s-Like Neurodegeneration
Launch of Global TB Platform to Share Pts’ Data
Open Source Stopwatch Time-Tracks Molecules in Living Cells
Salmon Feeding Fuels Flower Growth & Ecosystems: Study
Robots Learn Navigation Skills from Fish Sense Organs
Biomed Institutions Agree on Open Science Practices to Monitor
Surprising Spin Alignment Revealed by Data
Optica Publishing Group Announces Launch of Optica Open
Illness Symptoms Aid Pathogen Spread in Songbirds
Vegetation Affects Arctic Energy Movement
Gut Microbiome Linked to Parkinson’s Disease Development
Scientists gain insight into inner workings of nuclei via entanglement
Rethinking sex in neuroscience of mental health
In Heavy-Ion Collisions, What Causes Fluctuations in Debris Flow?
Wiley and Greek Consortium Sign Open Access Deal
National MagLab secures increased NSF funding of $195 million
NSF to sustain world’s most powerful magnet lab through 2027
LHCb releases first set of data to public
COMET Initiative shortlisted for MRC Impact Prize
Chalets provide insight into our relationship with mountains
Hangzhou Declaration released at ZJU, heralding new era of global cooperation in basic sciences
Covid variants are still transmissible between species
Research by RIT researchers indicates that Covid variants can still be transmitted between species
Pandemic stress physically aged teens’ brains, new study finds
Pandemic stress physically aged teens’ brains
New data from James Webb Space Telescope reveals exoplanet atmosphere as never seen before
Possible game changer for next generation of microelectronics
IOP Publishing is largest physics publisher to strike open access agreement with Council of Australian University Librarians
Lake Geneva consumers surveyed as part of study on climate change
World’s largest autism whole genome sequencing study finds 134 autism-linked genes
How far can technology improve our health?
Scientists Reveal Role of Key Brain Protein in Childhood Movement Disorder
Prehistoric reptile casts turn out to be copies of priceless fossil destroyed in WWII
First papers published in IOP Publishing’s open access ‘Environmental Research: Health’ journal
University of Helsinki Open Science Award was given to HiLIFE and to Helsinki Term Bank for Arts and Sciences
Scientists build ‘Wikipedia’ for resistant bacteria
Scientists need more support to assist with open data mandates
Smelling in VR environment possible with new gaming technology
Chromosome-scale genome of gentle giant
Improvements for Man and Machine in Scientific Publishing
Parental age could be key factor in helping thoroughbred horses be first past post
Coral select algae partnerships to ease environmental stress
CERN publishes comprehensive open science policy
How are birdsongs composed? Listening to Australian pied butcherbird
Improved data sharing policies will boost public trust in research
New understanding of neurobiology of impulsivity
New Software Platform Advances Understanding of Surface Finish of Manufactured Components