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New Vibration Sensor Detects Buried Objects from Moving Vehicle
Ultra-Thin Optical Elements Directly Measure Polarization
Researchers Demonstrate All-Optical Neural Network for Deep Learning
Computational Approach Speeds Up Advanced Microscopy Imaging
Cracking a Decades-Old Test, Researchers Bolster Case for Quantum Mechanics
New Artificial Compound Eye Could Improve 3D Object Tracking
Tiny Lensless Endoscope Captures 3D Images of Objects Smaller than a Cell
Visionary Speakers Announced for 2019 FiO + LS Meeting
Dawn of Quantum Internet, Secure Quantum Cryptography, and Harnessing Entanglement
Non-Invasive Imaging Method Spots Cancer at Molecular Level
Raman Spectroscopy Poised to Make Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis Less Invasive
System to Image Human Eye Corrects for Chromatic Aberrations
OSA Members Named Recipients of U.S. Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
Terahertz Imaging Technique Reveals Subsurface Insect Damage in Wood
Science Societies Announce 2019-20 Congressional Science and Engineering Fellows
Airborne Lidar System Poised to Improve Accuracy of Climate Change Models
Fiber-optic Vibration Sensors Could Prevent Train Accidents
Optical Society Announces 2019 Class of Senior Members
OSA Foundation Provides Grants to Student Chapters in Support of LGBT STEM Day 2019
High Brightness Mid-Infrared Laser Expands Horizon of Spectroscopic Analytical Technique
Microscopic Glass Blowing Used to Make Tiny Optical Lenses
Calibration Method Improves Scientific Research Performed with Smartphone Cameras