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Hospital food review announced by government
Movement authorisation and timber plant passporting in Kent
South Korean community urged to be alert for hepatitis A
National livestock movement bans may prove economically damaging
Flu cases remain stable across NSW
Diarrhoea-causing bacteria adapted to spread in hospitals
Ohio State’s Effots to Develop New Flu Vaccines Starts at County Fairs
Know garden pests before deciding on a path to control
UK aid to help hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans on brink of starvation
Ministry supports action on measles
Vigilance Needed for Deadly Mud Scours in Cattle
Visits resume and lockdown ended at Drumheller Institution following Norovirus Outbreak
Flu season may be passed its peak
Fear of more dangerous second Zika, dengue infections unfounded in monkeys
Millions in DRC face lethal mix of Ebola, violence, and inadequate healthcare – Oxfam
MPs told Meningitis vaccines were always available
Questions still hang over water quality review
Visits suspended at Drumheller Institution – Possible Norovirus Outbreak
Flu cases on decline
Rwanda’s Ebola plan paying off
WHO applauds Rwanda’s Ebola preparedness efforts
Collaboration between historians and community groups key part of success of First World
Light Pollution May Be Increasing West Nile Virus Spillover From Wild Birds
New outbreaks of Koi herpesvirus disease in 2019
Aussie Farms Response to Proposed NSW Biosecurity Laws Targeting Activists
A scientific expedition will study gorilla population affected by 2003 Ebola outbreak in Congo
Big changes for biosecurity system
Oxfam launches emergency response in flood-hit Indian states of Assam and Bihar
Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo declared a Public Health Emergency
Geneva Palais briefing note on impact of Ebola outbreak on children in Democratic Republic of Congo
Another Meningitis case while unused vaccines expire
Massive cholera vaccination in Congo
Helping Chicken Farmers Build and Strengthen Capacity – Governments to invest
Vaccination to contain severe measles outbreak underway in Democratic Republic of Congo amidst Ebola and mass displacement
Shingles Vaccine Can Prevent Painful Rashes Among Stem Cell Transplant Patients
NSW Prepares for a “Blustery Outbreak”
Battle against cholera in Yemen is far from over, Save Children warns
Visitors asked to get vaccinated to stop aged care outbreaks
Sexual health resources tackle rising infection rates
Winter risk of twin lambing disease
Game theory shows why stigmatization may not make sense in modern society
Publication of Annual Report on Drinking-water quality
Statement from Chief Public Health Officer of Canada
HRC grants $40m to Otago research tackling issues from climate change to heart failure
Holidaymakers urged to put MMR checks top of any travel plans
Services held for 2 Welsh brothers in arms killed during Great War
Measuring peace essential to effective peacebuilding
Early-season hurricanes result in greater transmission of mosquito-borne infectious disease