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UK sends oxygen factories to support India
Canada announces funding support in response to COVID-19 in India
New study shows microbes trap massive amounts of carbon
Eliminating resistant bacteria with nanoparticles
WorkCover win for Hazelwood fire fighter upheld by Victorian Supreme Court
Aboard NASA’s Perseverance rover, MOXIE creates oxygen on Mars
What to drink with dinner to get most iron from your food
Novel Sulfur-containing Alkaloids Discovered from Marine Sponge-derived Microbe
Green hydrogen: “Rust” as a photoanode and its limits
Durham among first to use Hubble’s successor
Better mitochondria help athletes make gains
Scientists Display Influence of Strong Metal-support Interaction Effect on Catalytic
Cloth face covering curbs exercise performance and physical capacity
Cotton-based Electrocatalyst Offers New Solution for Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Single-atom Electrocatalyst Synthesized with N-doped Holey Carbon Matrix for Zinc-air Batteries
Birds’ blood functions as heating system in winter
Bird blood functions as heating system in winter
Southern Highlands Private Hospital awarded for recycling initiative
New study probes effects of opioid use during pregnancy
Tree Conversations at Bas
Carbon dots from human hair boost solar cells
5 things to know about environmental threats facing Tampa Bay
Revealing Charge Transfer at Interface of Spinel Oxide and Ceria during CO Oxidation
Floods cause fish death and odours in Northern NSW
Plasma Jets Stabilize Water to Splash Less
Council weeding out invasive plants in Ross River
Tactile textiles sense movement via touch
Two strange planets
Using prodrugs on cancer cells
Flat brain organoids grown on 3D-printed scaffolds show intrinsic gyrification
AMS reveals properties of iron cosmic rays
Ombudsman shares RBA concern over small business access to finance
Teryaki beef mince in a pinch
New light on innate plant immunity
TSU chemist is developing a material for treating complex burns
Terahertz waves from electrons oscillating in liquid water
Robot “Hears” through Ear of a Locus
Thames Water fined £2.3 million for ‘foreseeable’ pollution
Big step towards small wires
How Photoblueing Disturbs Microscopy
Bushfire runoff impacting water quality in Hume Dam and downstream
Starvation turns slime moulds into multicellular organisms
Fighting fit cockroaches have ‘hidden strength’
Water discoloured but safe to drink
Climate change and Swiss lakes
Wang receives grant to study volatiles in early solar system
No increased risk of aerosols with special nasal cannula
Oxygen deficit makes nerve cells grow