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One in three people with chronic pain have difficulty accessing ongoing prescriptions for opioids
Should you give your child opioids for post-operative pain management?
High-frequency spinal cord stimulation reveals improved longer lasting pain relief
Patients leaving hospital sometimes need opioids
Im first Endometriosis Nurse Coordinator in Victoria
Corticosteroids raise risk of hospitalization for pain crises among individuals living with sickle cell disease
New standard to avoid long-term harm from opioid analgesics
Metabolic ‘fingerprint’ predicts impairment from medical cannabis
Jillian Skinner awarded honorary doctorate
Researchers prescribe possible remedy in opioid misuse
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reveals promise for opioid addiction treatment
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy shows promise for opioid addiction treatment
Emery Brown earns American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering Pierre Galletti Award
Alpha brain waves can predict post-surgery pain
DA approved for Maroochy Private Hospital
Wireless pain management for drug-resistant conditions offers promising alternative to surgery
Leading Medical Research Reveals Real Patient Benefits from Pharmacist Prescribing
Ultrasonic bursts reduce kidney stones’ volume by 90%
Tablet containing CBD reveals promise in reducing post-operative pain
Urgent need for more research and focus on treating pain in people with severe mental illness
Using sound waves to break up kidney stones – First human study reveals promising results
Taste, temperature and pain sensations are neurologically linked
Patients back Full Scope of Practice Pilot for community pharmacists in North Queensland
North Queenslanders are going to emergency due to Dr block in North Queensland
Prescription opioid use linked to mood disorders
Tick saliva drug could ease chronic pain and itching in people
Children and families with arthritis struggle with high out of pocket costs
Palliative Care Services Vary by U.S. Region, Population
Can arts reduce pain?
Mindfulness therapy reduces opioid misuse and chronic pain
Pain and prejudice
How providers help patients shift expectations to make tough medical decisions
Western Australia’s First Private Outpatient Ketamine Infusion Clinic for Pain Management
Wesfarmers’ proposed acquisition of API not opposed
Noted experts focus on spina bifida in global context
Over-the-counter meds offer same level of pain relief as opioids: study
Ten hospitals reduce opioid prescriptions for children with appendicitis through quality improvement initiative
ESHRE updates guideline on endometriosis care
Technology supporting better end-of-life care
Researchers Identify Osteoarthritis ‘Pain Pathway’
Endocrinology specialist diagnoses patient with rare bone-weakening disease
Proposed rescheduling of medications – oral meloxicam and injectable lidocaine – submissions due
Taking Bite Out of Pain Management
Study shows toxin from anthrax microbe can silence types of pain in mice
Covid lockdowns hurt women more than men
Web-based version of University of Toronto researcher’s CARD game helps improve kids’ vaccination experience
Voluntary assisted dying bill: Should terminally ill people be allowed right to end their life
Racial trends in prescription opioid use reflect disparities, undertreatment