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Understanding opioids in fibromyalgia
New Initiative Targets Oral Health for HIV/AIDS Patients
‘Prehabilitation’ boosts surgery outcomes – new study
Call for Evaluation of Medicinal Cannabis Policy Following Study Results
State Policies Can Increase Use of Anti-Opioid Medication
IV and Periarticular Corticosteroids Enhance Knee Replacement Rehab
SEngine Precision Medicine demonstrates potential of PARIS Test to find unexpected therapeutic options for treating cancer
Over 800 Million People Worldwide Projected to Have Back Pain by 2050
Over 800 Million People Projected to Experience Back Pain by 2050: Study
Brain Signatures for Chronic Pain Identified in Small Group
Small Group Reveals Brain Signatures for Chronic Pain
De-escalation Vital When Dementia Patients Distressed or Violent
Scientists warn of lack of evidence for antidepressants in chronic pain
Scientists warn: Lack of reliable evidence for efficacy, safety of most antidepressants for chronic pain
Markey Designated National Pancreas Foundation Center for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
Clinician using power research to alleviate chronic pain
Could medicinal cannabis be answer to pain of endometriosis?
Research Advances Spinal Cord Stimulation for Cancer Pain & Treatment
Research Advances Spinal Cord Stimulation for Cancer Pain
Community Hospital Patients Benefit from Music Therapy’s Pain Reduction
Research: Do Prescription Opioids Affect Cognitive Function in Older Adults?
Postpartum Women Filled More Opioid Prescriptions During Pandemic
E-health reduces patient pain, opioids in clinical study
Clinical study shows E-Health lessens patient pain & cuts opioid use
Healing powers of brain on art
Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Often Missed, Linked to Autism
U.S. Data Shows Wide Disparities in Opioid Use
Lack of Sleep Raises Risk of Leg Artery Blockage by Almost 100%
Pharmacists Cut Medication Risk in Aged Care by Half
CBD Oil Ineffective in Reducing Pain After Urinary Stones Treatment
HSS to Present Research at 2023 AAOS Meeting
Elderly Men More Prone to Skull Fractures from Falls
NYU Langone Surgeons Share Orthopedic Research at AAOS 2023
Screen Youth for Cyberbullying, Social Media Use: Physicians Urged
LSU Health: No Opioids Needed After Knee Replacement in Most
Flexibility Promotes Mental Health in Chronic Pain Sufferers
Smart Leak Detection & Procurement App Speed Up
Flexibility & Persistence Essential for Wellbeing
Pathway Cuts Opioid Use in Urethral Repair Surgery
‘Motivated by hope and humility’
Widespread Naloxone Access: Researchers Push for OTC Availability to Combat OD Deaths
Opioid Tapers May Pose Risks for Long-Term Users
VR offers short-term pain relief for women with endometriosis
VR Exercise Reduces Pain in Women with Endometriosis
Research Examines Opioid Theft in Long-Term Care Facilities
Speech to Ovarian Cancer Foundation’s Teal Ribbon Breakfast
Communities across NSW to benefit from enhanced end-of-life care
Antidepressants used for chronic pain on rise, but are they effective?