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State Hosts Academic Cannabis Symposium to Explore Industry Growth
Tulip Smile Offers Urgent Dental Care in Mittagong
FDA approves Pfizer’s Zavgepant migraine nasal spray
HSS to Present Research at 2023 AAOS Meeting
UN Drugs Control Board: Cannabis Legalization Fails to Address Health Risks
Police awarded for work with people with disability
Non-Surgical Knee Pain Relief for Adults 50+ Demonstrated
LSU Health: No Opioids Needed After Knee Replacement in Most
South West woman charged with cruelty to miniature pony
Treating Acute Low Back Pain: What Drugs Work Best?
Best Meds for Treating Acute Low Back Pain Revealed
Pathway Cuts Opioid Use in Urethral Repair Surgery
AI Aids in Designing Drugs to Treat Opioid Addiction
Test Predicts Effectiveness of Steroid Injections for Neck Pain
VR offers short-term pain relief for women with endometriosis
VR Exercise Reduces Pain in Women with Endometriosis
TRPV1 Targeted for Long-Lasting Pain Relief by Allosteric Modulator
Scientists Progress Toward Improved Opioid Technology
Scientists Take Another Step Toward Creating Better Pain Medications
Research Reveals Inequality in Access to Opioids for Elderly Cancer Patients
Researchers uncover new cell types involved in osteoarthritis
Mobility Specialists Consider Quitting Profession
1/3 of Chronic Pain Sufferers Use Cannabis for Relief
Rise in sunburnt kids prompts weekend warning
Raising Awareness of Women’s 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Loss
Michigan Health Lab’s most read articles of 2022
CQC inspection reports
New study highlights challenges of giving women in labour choices about their care
Engineers Create Biocompatible Aquabots Using All-Water Technology
Access to Palmerston Regional Hospital Hydrotherapy Pool Expanded
Researchers take away sex drive of yeast cells and turn it into cannabis tracker
New rat lungworm disease resource to help doctors with diagnosis, treatment
Nerve block for knee pain relief
How touch dampens brain’s response to painful stimuli
Study finds patients get no relief from Cannabidiol oil
Positive media coverage of cannabis studies regardless of therapeutic effect
World’s first algae-based local anaesthetic another step closer to reality
Improving painkiller dosing in clinic
Acupuncture can relieve lower back/pelvic pain often experienced during pregnancy
Acupuncture can relieve lower back/pelvic pain that is often experienced during pregnancy
Nitrous oxide – not laughing matter
Fentanyl Vaccine Potential ‘Game Changer’ for Opioid Epidemic
Anesthetics that block nerves around knee relieve pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis
2023 Prohibited List Released
FLASH radiation therapy reveals promise in first-in-human trial
Opioid prescribing after surgery remains same for seniors, but doses are lower
New flexible, steerable device placed in live brains by minimally invasive robot
Treatment for back pain: 84 percent increase in success rate