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Legalized Marijuana Linked to Decline in Opioid Emergencies
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Fibromyalgia likely result of autoimmune problems, study shows
New study shows Fibromyalgia likely result of autoimmune problems
People with fibromyalgia are substituting CBD for opioids to manage pain
Moving healthcare home
Most hospital patients are dying ‘without suitable care’
Seeking a treatment for IBS pain in tarantula venom
Declining treatment during maternity care can foster tension between patients and providers
Declining Treatment During Maternity Care Can Foster Mistreatment, Tension Between Patients and Providers
Australian support for COVID-19 vaccination in Tuvalu
Apps ‘valuable tool’ in helping manage chronic pain
Water injections could be used to relieve labour pains
Cheng honored for work to advance pain relief without adverse effects
Co-codamol 30/500 Effervescent Tablets recalled
Chronic pain relief from unlikeliest of places
Woman who left horse’s horrific, gaping chest wound to fester convicted of animal cruelty charge
Scherrer Earns Three Grants for Innovative Pain, Opioid Research
SWOG researchers advance cancer care at virtual ASCO 2021
Pain monitoring helps assess effectiveness of opioid-sparing approaches during surgery
“Hands off” approach to collapsed lung wins 2021’s best clinical trial
In severe ankle arthritis, total ankle replacement yields better function than ankle arthrodesis
Regulator seeks views on reclassification of pain medication
Top 3 COVID-19 vaccine questions – Reactions, informing your GP and booster shots
TYLENOL, world’s number one pain relief brand1, now available in Australia Sydney,
Best of beef on show
New report highlights Australia’s world-class beef industry
Effectiveness of Photobiomodulation for Analgesia During Childbirth
Australian beef industry’s sustainability report card released
Treating dental pain with opioids linked to higher risk of overdose in patients, family members
Body’s natural pain killers can be enhanced
Research shows pain relieving effects of CBD
Case Western Reserve and Atelerix Life Sciences Inc. sign option license to develop new therapeutic approach to opioid crisis
Hope shines bright for Stitch cat
Pain relief mandatory for mulesing
Anaesthetic and analgesic treatments deliver on-the-ground benefits
Targeted Opioid That Hones in on Inflamed Tissues Stops Colitis Pain Without Side Effects
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Lockdown takes its toll on people with chronic pain
Toolbox – online training, tools and resources
Pain hides in our data
Pharmacist jailed for 12 months for illegal sale and supply of prescription medicines