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Carbon neutrality pays dividends
Owner of starving dog narrowly avoids prison
Low addiction risk with medical use of ketamine
Pickleball injuries in older adults
‘Green Whistle’ given green light in ambulance study of pregnancy emergencies
UVA Health Developing New Way to Relieve Chronic Pain
Maternity Disparities Taskforce discusses faith and human rights recommendations
Owner prosecuted for failing to provide urgent veterinary care
Nonopioid pain prescriptions increased after 2016 CDC guideline
Effect of prescribing patterns on utilization of opioid medication in ACL reconstruction
Sore throats suck. Do throat lozenges help at all?
Sacramento businessman Jim Anderson spearheads new era for wellness with $5 million gift
ESC Congress 2022 – Press Programme revealed
Mindfulness meditation reduces pain by separating it from self
Researchers discover how sound reduces pain in mice
Water births provide “clear benefits” for healthy mums and their newborns
Physio ‘dry needling’ and acupuncture – what’s difference and what does evidence say?
UNE researcher awarded $1.8 million to study chronic pain relief through gene therapy
Robert Langer wins BBVA Foundation Frontiers of Knowledge Award
Set targets to cut inhaled anaesthesia greenhouse gas emissions, urge doctors
Man charged for leaving dog’s gaping wound untreated
Sponge-like solar cells could be basis for better pacemakers
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles awarded $3 million to study opioid use in hospitalized infants
Activating an amygdala-brainstem pathway relieves pain and improves emotional state in rats
Very high doses of cannabis component CBD don’t affect driving
Very high doses of CBD, cannabis component, don’t affect driving
Medicinal cannabis shown to reduce pain and need for opiate painkillers among cancer patients
RSPCA NSW Court Return: New South Wales’ largest dog breeders sentenced
Innovative ‘smart socks’ could help millions living with dementia
Strong saline solution can boost delivery of morphine and other drugs to spinal cord
Where is reform in aged care
PBS medicines prices to be slashed saving patients hundreds of dollars year
High-frequency spinal cord stimulation reveals improved longer lasting pain relief
Biomedical engineering and wonders of plasma technologies
Patients leaving hospital sometimes need opioids
New standard to avoid long-term harm from opioid analgesics
New hip for patient with rare neuromuscular condition
Metabolic ‘fingerprint’ predicts impairment from medical cannabis
Product label changes do not prevent accidental acetaminophen overdoses
Mary Karr addresses mental health, addiction and writing during Oregon State talk
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reveals promise for opioid addiction treatment
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy shows promise for opioid addiction treatment
Getting up again with severe neurodegenerative disease
Molly Wardaguga Research Centre secures $5 million to support First Nations maternal health
Venture Lab-backed startup earns $6 million of funding
In Profile: New SSG Chair, Dr Scott Williams
What are ‘binaural beats’ and do they affect our brain?
Audio files are being used as digital drugs: survey