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New Initiative CANTER Tackles Equine Parasite Resistance in UK
Insects have more complex immune systems than we thought
Birds killed in window collisions leave behind microbiome clues in their poop
Newman Lab Pushes Limits at 75 with Accelerator Physics
Mystery Parasite Kills Sea Otters, Marine Life at Risk
Deadly Risk for Cats: Common Heartworm, Antiparasitic Meds
KSU Paper Examines Biodiversity Impact of Climate Change
Parasites alter likelihood of fish being caught by anglers
Extinct Thylacine Still Captivates Us
Scientists Uncover Protein Synthesis in Giardia Parasite
PCR Panels Cut Costs, Hospital Stays, Antibiotic Use for GI Infections
Toad-ally airborne find by returning traveler
WormAtlas expanding beyond C. elegans with support from NIH
Two-pronged approach to target critical malaria protein
‘Antisocial’ damselfish are scaring off cleaner fish customers
Tsetse Fly Pheromone Could Curb Disease Transmission
Tsetse Fly Pheromones Found To Combat Spread of Diseases
Tsetse Fly Pheromone May Curb Disease Spread: Eureka
European Travellers from Africa: Common Vector-Borne Diseases
How giants became dwarfs
Restocking your smallest livestock
Bee-ing prepared: new biosecurity zone to keep honey flowing
Fleas, brains and robots at Festival of Science and Curiosity
Drugs to Curb Malaria Spread Discovered
Progress on Neglected Tropical Diseases: Investments Key to Sustain Positive Change
National Drug Discovery Centre to Tackle Mental Health, Malaria & Obesity
Parasite common in cats causes abortion in bighorn sheep
Parasitic Infection in Cats Leads to Abortion in Bighorn Sheep
Team at UMD Deciphers Black-Legged Tick Genome
Team streamlines DNA collection, analysis for elephant conservation
Team Streamlines Wildlife Conservation with DNA Collection and Analysis
Marine Parasites Wiped Out by Warmer Oceans
Toxoplasmosis: Pathogen with Molecular ‘Key’ to Cells
Non-invasive malaria screening device uses light for diagnosis
Ethiopia Launches Measles Vaccine Campaign with Extra Services
Researchers Identify 100,000 New Types of Viruses
Birds build hanging-nests to protect offspring from nest invaders
Birds Build Hanging Nests to Shield Young From Invaders
Australian shorn wool production forecast of 340 Mkg greasy for 2022/23
Invisible skin mites called Demodex almost certainly live on your face – but what about your mascara?
Argentine ants will do anything for sugar, but they won’t do this
New Virus Discovered in Swiss Ticks
Worms give us new insights into evolution and diversification of TGF-β signaling pathways
Long-standing genomic mystery about origin of introns explained in new study
Breeding for worm resistance in goats
Exeter awarded £14 million for antimicrobial resistance research to fight “next global pandemic”
Effective residue management underpins worker safety and market access
Poison Control Center Tips on Preventing Illness this Holiday Season