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Record response to WHO’s call for antimicrobial resistance surveillance reports in 2020
Paddock Practices: Managing insecticide resistance in diamondback moth
Optimizing immunization with Sanaria PfSPZ-CVac malaria vaccine
Researcher Working to Uncover Key to Cellular Mechanisms in Parasite
Plankton hold secrets to preventing pandemics
Parasites as fountains of youth: Study finds infected ants live much longer
Barriers against malaria
Scientists have found new parasites in bats from Asia
Researchers develop vaccine for human babesiosis
Roads pose significant threat to bee movement and flower pollination, U-M study shows
Australia’s electricity infrastructure undermined by $1 billion per year underinvestment
Examining One-Two Punch of Malaria Drugs
Australia’s Electricity Infrastructure Undermined by $1 Billion Per Year Under Investment
Importing dogs to Canada: Government introduces new import rules for commercial dogs less than 8 months old
‘Pokemonas’: Bacteria related to lung parasites discovered, named after Pokémon
What females should I sell?
Biocrusts offer natural solution
Four ways to bite back at parasites
Stress and Death in Female Baboons — as Measured by Hormones in Poop
Monkeys are less cuddly with each other when dealing with an infection, study finds
Insect youths give in to parasitic mum
COVID-19 in Honolulu wastewater reflects levels of infection
Most detailed look at kelp forests to date finds unseen parasites dominate species interactions
Conservationists may be unintentionally spreading pathogens between threatened animal populations
Ant responses to social isolation resemble those of humans
Noxopharm applies to patent Veyonda in septic shock treatment
New findings about immune system reaction to malaria and sickle cell disease
Dogs infected with Leishmania parasites smell more attractive to female sand flies
Males ‘give up’ on trying to attract females when they are in poor condition, study finds
PATH and UQ create custom proteins for malaria diagnostics
Stopping Giant Snail risks at border
Skeleton of malaria parasite reveals its secrets
Grasshopper invasion tipped to be even worse than last year
Tracking global movement of malaria parasites and their variants
Biodiversity protects bee communities from disease
Gastro outbreak across Drouin Childcare Centres
Malaria Threw Human Evolution Into Overdrive on This African Archipelago
Scientists reveal novel mechanism for different parasitic strategies among parasitoid species
Eating human food could mean trouble for urban coyotes, study shows
Insecure housing situation drives Roma migration
Australian Animal Health Company Builds Animal Welfare Portfolio and Local Manufacturing
New partnership takes on hookworm infection in rural Alabama
Response to infection therapy better understood thanks to a new technique
Study: Bumble bees lacking high-quality habitat have higher pathogen loads
Primate Orphans Have it Tough Even Before Mother Dies
Study resolves position of fleas on tree of life
Scientists solve 100-year-old cerebral malaria mystery using neuroimaging techniques
New collaboration to develop rapid diagnostic test for livestock parasite