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Biologist publishes findings on nematode, insect symbionts
Research reveals impact of feral cats on agriculture
By Australia’s Acting Chief Medical Officer and Chief Veterinary Officer to mark World Antimicrobial Awareness Week
New antibiotic-resistant infections rise to 178 per day in England
Northumberland river users asked to help protect white-clawed crayfish
Extremely rare parasitic crustacean discovered in museum shark collection
New research reveals widespread contamination of English rivers with pesticides commonly used as flea treatments
Antibiotic resistance makes infections harder to treat
A new home for collaborative agricultural research
Red handfish juveniles released to boost endangered wild population
Understanding malaria
Purple Crowned Fairy Wren unlocks key to immune function
Researchers discover mechanism that allows SINEUPs to amplify protein production
Goat farmer pleads guilty to cruelty charges
Winning With Weaners goes online
Tel Aviv University Prof. Wins Schmidt Science Polymath Award
A TSU biologist has found a rare species of tick
How deadly parasites ‘glide’ into human cells
Researchers Discover How Malaria Parasites Withstand a Fever’s Heat
A Tale of Two Cesspits: DNA Reveals Intestinal Health in Medieval Europe and Middle East
Cheating birds mimic host nestlings to deceive foster parents
Pet industry welcomes grooming but calls for more
COVID-19 is adding to already burgeoning rates of sepsis, say experts
Five tips to prepare for wet season
Crayfish rescued in Kendal ahead of planned gravel removal
Scientists receive prestigious ERC Starting Grants
Parasitic plants attack crops when defending themselves from microbes
Dodder uses flowering signal of its host plant to flower
Investigating Host Tolerance to Genes that Jump
Students power on through restrictions
Investment call opens for RD&A funding applications for 2021-22
In times of ecological uncertainty, brood parasites hedge their bets
Crayfish Plague confirmed on River Leven at Crathorne
Drug resistant parasites cost European livestock industry millions each year
Biomedical scientists piece together how medication paralyzes parasitic worms
Parasites Online for Science Week
Researchers help endangered birds beat deadly parasite
University researchers identify molecular switch allowing parasites to survive inside hosts without oxygen
Parasites ‘mite’ help curb spread of invasive lizards
Worm in bud: Do parasites interfere with immunization?
Highways England flies to rescue of animal charity when tyres dumped next to A45
Study identifies spread of bee disease via flowers
HKUMed and Institut Pasteur collaborate to use an evolution
Multi-million grant to enable University and partners to work with small businesses in infectious diseases
Parasitic worms use their keen senses to wriggle through their hosts
Commission grants clearance for Elanco to acquire Bayer’s animal health business subject to divestment
Rotational grazing: lessons learned
Checklist of Pa. bees documents 49 new species and some that may be endangered