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Malaria Parasite Ticks to its Own Internal Clock
Bichon Frise breeder convicted for failing to provide veterinary treatment to dogs at breeding facility
Outsmarting enemy: Treefrogs rely on illusions to find a mate without being eaten
Enzyme could hold key to improved allergy treatments
Offspring may inherit legacy of their father’s Toxoplasma infection
COVID-19 provided UO disease course a teaching moment
Deworming delivers production benefits
Research reveals new target that could be a foundation for malaria vaccine
Good news on wool residues
Syphilis eludes immune attack by altering a single gene
Black rhinos eavesdrop on alarm calls of hitchhiking oxpeckers to avoid humans
‘Fake News’ Increases Consumer Demands for Corporate Action
Cancer drugs show promise in preventing malaria
Global study shows how marine species respond as oceans warm
Visitors experience ‘The Science of Biodiversity’ at UNM’s Museum of Southwestern Biology
Study shows how diligent we have to be to keep surfaces germ-free
‘Sushi parasites’ have increased 283-fold in past
Malaria finding may pave way for drug development
Plant parasites cause lasting genetic changes
Researchers shed new light on how malaria parasites evade mosquitos’ defences
Scientists create model to predict multipathogen epidemics
HKU’s Conservation Forensics Lab reveals surprising prevalence of European Eel
Novel compound sparks new malaria treatment hope
Everything you need to know about caring for a pet rabbit
Researchers discover unique non-oxygen breathing animal
Worms discovered in brain of lizard embryos for first time
Diversifying traditional forest management depending on steam distance would help protecting forest arthropods
Elanco seeks clearance to acquire Bayer’s animal health business
Fish smugglers schooled at Melbourne Airport
Fossilized insect from 100 million years ago is oldest record of primitive bee with pollen
Outsourcing is a matter of time
Editing mosquito’s gene wards off malaria and halts reproduction
Use of non-pharmaceutical forms of Artemisia
Malaria mosquito likes humans and apes
Sex in space, footy, parasites and return of a television classic
Resistant malaria spreading rapidly in South-East Asia
FDA qualifies biomarker in controlled malaria infection trials