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Using Epo against Covid-19
Allens announces 15 partners and 12 managing associates
Wearable-tech glove translates sign language into speech in real time
IPO exceeds 85% customer satisfaction target
New approach to extend shelf life for N95 mask
AJ Park seeks clearance to acquire Baldwins
Former Sydney entrepreneur penalised
Antidepressant inhibits coronavirus
With noise to completely secure communication
Acoustics put a fresh spin on electron transitions
UNM ranked among Top 100 Worldwide Universities granted U.S. Utility Patents in 2019
New contraceptive gel – from bench to US FDA approval
UH Ranks among Top 100 Global Universities for Patents
Good results for TSU in metallurgy and inventive activity
‘Face-customized’ goggles to aid anti-epidemic measures
1 July 2020 Update to Patent Cooperation Treaty fees
First Ever Reusable Coffee Pod for Espressotoria in World
Technology uses plant biomass waste for self-powered biomedical devices
End of plant patents facilitates new varieties
Chip for biomolecule detection may help in COVID-19 testing
International Patent for Amaero’s new High Performance Titanium Alloy enters National Phase of Approval
Corona: vaccination without a needle?
Mum’s around world are going bananas for this little invention
Arista high-fibre wheat on track to enter global market
National Inventors Month: Tech Transfer
AFRL Aerospace Systems Directorate granted patent for precision ballistic airdrop apparatus, method
Parasite larvae could help fight allergies
NIST Contributes to WIPO Report on IP Management by U.S.Federal Government
IPO interrupted days
PPE Patent Pending: Next Generation Custom-fitting Masks
University startup’s “buddy badge” encourages handwashing in hospitals
Optical imaging technology may help surgeons better treat cancer, brain diseases
‘Time warp’ tech speeds up repair of faulty power lines, cuts outage time
Antibiotics masquerading as a natural compound in flower
1 May 2020 Update to Patent Cooperation Treaty fees
Purdue innovators moving to fast-track COVID-19 diagnostic, therapeutic solutions
Alterations to services – patents
A chemical factory for all cases
Chemistry startup ready to take unique Purdue adhesive technology to market
Australia can boost economic growth using greater SIV venture capital
How do you make adhesives for electronics, vehicles, and construction tougher?
Lack of seed stage venture capital holding Australian growth, employment and opportunities back
Stretchable, wearable coils may make MRI, other medical tests easier on patients
Scientists have created a new drug for influenza
Turbomachine expander offers efficient, safe strategy for heating, cooling
Completion of high-grade Lone Pine gold project acquisition
‘Integrity is a key component of your professional brand’
UConn Biomedical Engineer Creates “Smart” Bandages to Heal Chronic Wounds