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DImerix announces new patient family for DMX-700
1 September 2022 Update to Patent Cooperation Treaty fees
UK Government publishes Standard Essential Patents call for views response
Research revolutionising treatment for hearing and vision impaired children
3D Printing Process Created by Rutgers Researchers Is Faster and More Precise Than Conventional Methods
Authorisation request for proposed settlement between pharmaceutical companies withdrawn
WHO applauds agreement to scale-up generic manufacturing for access to long-acting injectable antiretrovirals
Researcher Invents Low-Abundance Biomarker Detection Platform for Early Diagnosis
Small molecule prevents tumour cells from spreading
Research reveals investigational drug fosters nerve repair after injury
Scientists develop durable material for flexible artificial muscles
Touchlight signs patent license agreement with Pfizer for use of dbDNA for manufacture of mRNA-based vaccines
“I want method to be utilised, not stored in a drawer”
Yoorrook Justice Commission Delivers Interim Report
Patenting Inventions from Labs
Companies that Work with Universities Can Protect Proprietary Secrets
How drugs work better when encapsulated in nanoparticles
Research paves way for stronger alloys
Archer Materials secures Australian patent for quantum computing chip
Competition Bureau closes two investigations into pharmaceutical patent litigation settlements
Nyrada says European patent to be granted for cholesterol-lowering drug
New wearable technology – for plants
Researchers Devise Cheaper, Faster Way to Continuously Produce Amines
Fluorescent probe for bad cooking oil in portable platform
Gene editing DNA deletion sizes reduced with new fusion method developed at WFIRM
Innovating for better future Intellectual property and youth
Direct printing of nanodiamonds at quantum level HKU Engineering makes breakthrough in quantum device manufacturing
TPO Tools of Trade
Smarter 3D printing makes better parts faster
Pollen paper that you can print on and ‘unprint’
Patented Medicine Prices Review Board Imposes Deadline for Motions for Leave to Intervene
Motion capture system to speed up physiotherapy visits
Researchers develop environmentally safe, frost-resistant coatings
Delivering ‘good’ bacteria into our guts
Wax-coated sand keeps soil wet longer, improves crop yields in arid regions
Another Record-Breaking Year for UConn School of Dental Medicine’s Research Program
Novel nanoparticles with potential for enhanced deep tumour therapy
Easy aluminum nanoparticles for rapid, efficient hydrogen generation from water
Nano-engineered sealer leads to more durable concrete
Patent Box legislation introduced into Parliament to support investment and jobs
AusBiotech greets patent box legislation
CIPO to become Digital Access Service depositing office for patent applications
Exopharm announces new agreement with Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Researchers Develop LED-based Solar Simulator for Better Terrestrial Solar Spectra and Orientations
Nigeria’s Vice-President Osinbajo Demands Right for Africa to Manufacture its Own Vaccines and Use Gas to Transition out of Dirty
John Edwards is confirmed as new Information Commissioner
Patent waiver is not silver bullet in pursuit of vaccine equity
1 January 2022 Update to Patent Cooperation Treaty fees