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Chemical approach created to discover compounds for drug development
Existing drugs can prevent SARS-CoV-2 from hijacking cells
Experts raise concerns over UK government’s “game-changing” antibody testing strategy
Existing drugs may limit damage caused by HIV
Improving our response to emerging pandemics
Recent study offers new insights on a hereditary eye disease
Improving our response to emerging pandemics
Biochemical alterations revealed in patients with Lesch-Nyhan disease
HKUMed discovers a novel mediator of cerebral ischaemia injury and its underlying mechanism which can be a
“Excretion of sugar into stool”: New action of anti-diabetic drug discovered
Q&A with Professor Greg Anderson
Respiratory virus builds ‘doorbell’ to trick its way into cells, researchers find
A natural amino acid could be a novel treatment for polyglutamine diseases
Burnet researchers share in NHMRC grants
Antibody neutralizes SARS and COVID-19 coronaviruses
Scientists investigate life-threatening inflammation affecting children with COVID-19
Researchers discover how HIV hides from treatment
New imaging tool helps researchers see extent of Alzheimer’s early damage
$2.2 million awarded to tackle rare ovarian cancer
Unexpectedly potent protein droplets
Researchers have found accumulation of gene mutations in chronic Graft-versus-host disease
University to support 31 high-impact coronavirus research projects through Toronto COVID-19 Action Fund
Virologist to research antiviral and vaccine targets in SARS-Cov-2
Researchers working together will provide best defence against COVID-19
Another four convergence research projects under Innovation 2030 launched
Common Protein in Skin Can ‘Turn On’ Allergic Itch
Targeting a transporter to treat SHH medulloblastoma
“The world now has no choice but to count on science.”
New study finds immune cells can defend against multiple viruses
Reducing Kidney Failure Rate Among Patients with Diabetic Kidney Disease
University and McMaster researchers at Sunnybrook Hospital isolate virus behind COVID-19
General anesthesia not associated with indicator of Alzheimer’s disease
COVID-19 coronavirus spike holds infectivity details
New insights into processes that cause Parkinson’s disease
Gene therapy can protect against ALS and SMA-related cell death
University of Alberta medical researcher aims to help premature babies breathe easier
Receptors under flow
Novel genetic variant with implications on heart failure pathogenesis identified
Editing mosquito’s gene wards off malaria and halts reproduction
Multimillion grant from SSF
Opening hatch to heal break
How HIV may contribute to metabolic conditions