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Enzyme-Regulating Macrophages Link Mice, Human Therapies
Research on Glia Changes in Neurodegenerative Diseases by Zhao
IgA Nephropathy Pathogenesis Revised After Anti-Mesangial Autoantibody Discovery
HPV Diagnostics, Vaccines and Preventive Health Strategies
MicroRNA May Help Treat Cervical Cancer Patients
Superbug Co-Infection Boosts Covid Replication: Study
Boosting survival of beneficial bacterium in human gut
Beneficial Bacterium’s Survival Improved in Human Gut
Western Diets Linked to Liver Disease: Study
Cause of leukaemia in trisomy 21
BGI Reports Rare Skin Mutation Gene by Exome Sequencing
Gut Virome’s Role in Health and Disease
Intestinal Fibrosis Plays Role in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Study
Sex and Metabolic Hormones Linked to Obesity Protection
New biomarkers and microRNA’s role in type 1 diabetes remission
Understanding and fighting metastatic cancer
Researchers Unravel Path to Hep E Treatment
RNA Modification Key to Protein Linked to ALS Neurodegeneration
Hope for Lupus Treatment Grows With Leading Scientist
Jupneet Singh: Finding purpose through service
Signaling proteins shown to play key role in TB biology
HKUMed Identifies Novel Host Protease Determinants for Covid Infection
Severe Fatty Liver Linked to Liver Damage: Mechanism Explained
Griffith unlocking secrets to Strep virulence
T-cells Found to Shield from Deadly Pneumococcal Illness
Early-career researchers boosted in mission to beat cancer
Snail Mucus Yields Natural Adhesive for Wound Healing
Potent Drug Promising for Acute Leukaemia Treatment: Researchers
Gum Infection Linked to Heart Arrhythmia – Study
Challenge to Sugar Hypothesis of Diabetic Cataract Emerges
Researchers uncover novel amyloidosis
Importance of Selectively Targeting Mode of Action of IL-15
Pancreatitis treatment target offers new hope
New Genetic Disorder Linked to Increased Risk of Infections
Mount Sinai Finds New Way MRSA Becomes Virulent
Link Found Between Schizophrenia and Brain Vascular Changes
Lower Bacterial Diversity is Associated With Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Lower Bacterial Diversity Linked to IBS
Genetic Predictors of Heart Arrhythmia, Comorbidity Revealed
Major grant awarded to tackle antibiotic resistance
Gut Microbiome Linked to Parkinson’s Disease Development
Genes Linked to Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treatment & Prevention
New Pathway for Cardiac Fibrosis Prevention Discovered by CU Researchers
Blood Test Can Forecast Placenta Accreta Risk: Researchers
NYU Dentistry Receives NIH Grant to Study Alzheimer’s and Gum Disease
Associations of APOE ε2,ε4 Alleles With Alzheimer’s Biomarkers Found
New Proteins Shed Light on Neuronal Vulnerability in Ataxia
MODY3 Diabetes: Hypersecretion of Insulin Predicts β Cell Failure