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High Fructose Intake May Drive Aggressive Behaviors, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder
UConn Funds Five COVID-19 Research Projects, Announces Additional Funding
More than one way to grow in womb
Strong activation of anti-bacterial T cells linked to severe COVID-19
Ultrapotent antibody mix blocks COVID-19 virus attachment
St. Jude immunologist Thirumala-Devi Kanneganti, Ph.D., receives NCI Outstanding Investigator Award
Middle-Aged Individuals May Be in a Perpetual State of H3N2 Flu Virus Susceptibility
Parkinson’s drug trial gives definitive answer on possible statin treatment
Designed antiviral proteins inhibit SARS-CoV-2 in lab
HKU State Key Laboratory for Emerging Infectious Diseases co-developed COVID-19 vaccine candidate approved
ZJU scientists discover role of ANG in inhibiting intestinal inflammation
Rare hyperinflammatory syndrome in children with COVID-19 described
Griffith University joins Global Virus Network as Centre of Excellence
UK Government to fund COVID-19 research in Scotland
WSU launches new Center for Research in Emerging Infectious Diseases in Nairobi, Kenya
Seasonal flu vaccinations don’t ‘stick’ long-term in bone marrow
Significant implications for viral transmission, disease severity and vaccine research
HKUMed researchers first discovered SARS-CoV-2 infects human neural progenitor cells and brain organoids
Temporary salt crystals may provide a permanent solution to Alzheimer’s
Computational gene study suggests new pathway for COVID-19 inflammatory response
Yale to lead trial of potential COVID-19 treatment
HKUMed reveals pathogenic gene of carpal tunnel syndrome providing new directions for prevention and treatment
UB study identifies a new pharmacological target against Alzheimer’s disease
Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome are Risk Factors for Severe Influenza, COVID-19
Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome are Risk Factors for Severe Influenza, COVID-19
Chemical approach created to discover compounds for drug development
Existing drugs can prevent SARS-CoV-2 from hijacking cells
Experts raise concerns over UK government’s “game-changing” antibody testing strategy
Existing drugs may limit damage caused by HIV
Improving our response to emerging pandemics
Recent study offers new insights on a hereditary eye disease
Improving our response to emerging pandemics
Biochemical alterations revealed in patients with Lesch-Nyhan disease
HKUMed discovers a novel mediator of cerebral ischaemia injury and its underlying mechanism which can be a
“Excretion of sugar into stool”: New action of anti-diabetic drug discovered
Q&A with Professor Greg Anderson
Respiratory virus builds ‘doorbell’ to trick its way into cells, researchers find
A natural amino acid could be a novel treatment for polyglutamine diseases
Burnet researchers share in NHMRC grants
Antibody neutralizes SARS and COVID-19 coronaviruses
Scientists investigate life-threatening inflammation affecting children with COVID-19
Researchers discover how HIV hides from treatment
New imaging tool helps researchers see extent of Alzheimer’s early damage
$2.2 million awarded to tackle rare ovarian cancer
Unexpectedly potent protein droplets
Researchers have found accumulation of gene mutations in chronic Graft-versus-host disease
University to support 31 high-impact coronavirus research projects through Toronto COVID-19 Action Fund
Virologist to research antiviral and vaccine targets in SARS-Cov-2