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Study finds nickelate superconductors are intrinsically magnetic
Nominations of EPFL professors 15 July
Potential energy surfaces of water mapped for first time
Making it easier to differentiate mirror-image molecules
Reaction insights help make sustainable liquid fuels
European map of aerosol pollution can help improve human health
Three new Dioscuri Centres to be launched in Krakow, Poland
Spinning is key for line-dancing electrons in iron selenide
Visiting researchers
Light amplification accelerates chemical reactions in aerosols
How to find anti-cancer agents
Look into magnetic future
Novel X-ray lens facilitates glimpse into nanoworld
Waves on circular paths
Scientists map Arctic aerosols to better understand regional warming
Spintronics: Innovative crystals for future computer electronics
Kagome Metals Baffle Science
New, better coronavirus rapid test
Towards compact quantum computers, thanks to topology
More insight into how vision works
Collaboration gets quantum view of superconductor junction
Semiconductors reach quantum world
KSB and PSI forge common research path
KSB und PSI gehen in der Forschung gemeinsame Wege
Effective combination cancer treatment
Blue hydrogen can help protect climate
Proton therapy: success story that started 25 years ago
First for Switzerland: proton therapy to treat lung cancer
Electron family creates previously unknown state of matter
Carbon dioxide can be turned into valuable resource
Ultrafast control of quantum materials
New active agent against parasites
New type of magnetism unveiled in an iconic material
Protein distancing
X-ray microscopy with 1000 tomograms per second
Nominations of EPFL professors 24 September
Mystery of flexible shell
High-resolution Neutron Imaging Reveals Kinetics of Water Vapor Uptake into Sessile Water Droplet
Scientists Achieve Magnetic Topology Controlled by Electrical Pulses
Effectively removing CO2 from atmosphere
Understanding physics in new metals
A new collaboration points to future of data
New research division at PSI points to future of data
Preventing break-in of toxoplasmosis parasite
How do immune cells get activated?
Lighting up ultrafast magnetism in a metal oxide
Researchers see atoms at record resolution
Cell cytoskeleton as target for new active agents