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Fewer PTSD patients survive COVID
Can pharmacotherapies prevent alcohol use disorder in people with PTSD?
Novel device measures nerve activity that may help treatment sepsis and PTSD
Mental health, substance use issues prevalent among nonpsychiatric emergency room patients
How should we navigate next pandemic? University of Toronto researchers are finding answers
Potential new lead compounds for treatment of depression and anxiety disorders
Novel device to measure nerve activity for treatment of sepsis, PTSD
In-depth study supports new solutions for healthcare workers
From military veteran to Maverick biologist
Air Force reservist goes to ED with stomach pain, wakes up month and 12 surgeries later
Warning Signs of Early Death Found in Veterans with Severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Repairing relationships through forgiveness may help people recover from moral injury
World at ‘tipping point’ in climate change talks, COP27 delegate says
Next frontier of medical treatment
MUSC psychiatrist studying psychedelics calls them potential catalysts for change
Childhood traumas strongly impact both mental and physical health
Psychological distress important, easy-to-measure indicator of cardiovascular risk
Veterans find relief from nightmares with NightWare and Apple Watch
Psychological First Aid training could help improve care workers’ wellbeing
Investigators shed new light on brain activity related to dissociative symptoms
Beyond Blue encourages people to seek support after devastating floods
Ukrainian Citizens Display High Resilience Amid Fighting
Morning blue light treatment improves sleep in patients with PTSD
Veterans tap into mindfulness with new program
Major chord that cures nightmares
Researchers study adolescent recovery from post-traumatic stress symptoms
Functional, nonepileptic seizures show structural abnormalities in brain scans
Anti-inflammatory drug could help people with PTSD forget traumatic events
BU Neuroscientist Steve Ramirez Given $1.15 Million Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Science Diversity Leadership Award
Researcher creates virtual reality experiences to aid substance use disorder recovery
Pause for thought: Taking lead in women’s mental health
New PTSD treatment made ‘night and day difference’ for veteran
UK policing: psychological damage among officers heightened by bad working conditions
Psychological damage among officers heightened by bad working conditions – study
Integra dog partnership win-win for all
Statewide pandemic restrictions not related to psychological distress
Research shows “worryingly” high levels of mental illness among those affected by Post Office Horizon scandal
APS statement on civil unrest in Iran
UNSW leads Australian universities, attracting $65 million in NHMRC Investigator Grants
Overhaul of accepted PTSD treatment may lead to effective therapy: NHMRC study
Balance of nature: How spending time outdoors can change your life for better
New website supports those affected by miscarriage
Raül Andero receives Leonardo grant from BBVA Foundation
For traumatised Australian children escaping Syrian detention camps, help here will be life-changing
Veterans in workplace face unwelcome hero worship
UNC School of Medicine Awarded $3 Million to Lead Study to Reduce PTSD Frequency, Severity
Discovery of new function of cerebellum