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Brazil’s top court rules against da Silva on prison
Brazil’s Supreme Court rejects Lula’s bid to avoid prison
Prison for Lula? Brazil’s top court decides fate of ex-prez
Venezuelan prison fire kills nearly 70
UK building £700k prison wing in Nigeria to return criminals to their country
UK academic gets 32 years in prison for online abuse
Bomber gets life in prison for New York, New Jersey attacks
60 people to confront Nassar in court ahead of prison sentence
Trump signs order to keep Guantanamo military prison open
US Olympic doctor Nassar sentenced to 175yrs in prison
Inside Britain’s ‘worst’ prison (PHOTOS)
Convicted murderer attacks 7 French prison guards amid protests for extra security
Florida prisoners launch month-long work strike to protest ‘slave labor’
Prison officers block jails in France after blade attack by major Al-Qaeda convict (PHOTOS)
Nine dead after inmates battle in Brazillian prison
Egypt’s Morsi sentenced to three years in prison
Thai fraudster sentenced to 13,275 years in prison
Denmark opens world’s ‘most humane’ prison
Strikes kill 12 in rebel-run Yemen prison camp
Oscar Pistorius hurt in prison fight
Prisoner numbers increase by 6 per cent over the year
Team USA doctor pleads guilty to molesting gymnasts, faces 25 years in prison
Report reveals shocking child prison conditions
China sentences rights lawyer to 2 years in prison
China: up to 3 yrs in prison for disrespecting anthem
Search for prison escapee Matthew Drew
OJ Simpson freed from prison
British graduate says he is a ‘prisoner of conscience’
Eight prisoners arrested over affray, SA
Carrying a plastic bag in Kenya could land you in prison
Disturbance at Yatala Labour Prison, SA
‘3 Musketeers’ terrorists sentenced to life in prison
Chicago prison finds way to prevent inmates from dying of overdose upon release
Iran sentences US dual national to 10yrs in prison for spying
Prisoner aid cut could trigger Palestinian crisis, activists warn
Buddhist monk sentenced to almost 8 years in prison for sexually abusing boys
Messi prison sentence lifted in exchange for fine
At least 28 killed in barbaric Mexican prison fight
Strip show at notorious South African prison sparks outrage, 13 officers suspended (PHOTOS)
Prison rehabilitation ‘made pedophiles & rapists more dangerous’ – report
US student held prisoner by North Korea dies days after release
4 prisoners dig way to freedom from Bali prison
Barcelona football fans could face 15yrs in prison, $135K fine in UAE over Qatar sponsorship
‘Valve turner’ climate activist guilty of oil pipeline tampering, faces 10yrs in prison
Anti-drone ‘force field’ installed at island prison in world first
Wikileaks source Chelsea Manning released from prison
Runaway Holocaust denier convicted for ‘Sieg Heil’ salutes faces return to prison
Syrian prison crematorium hid killings, US says