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Court Ruling Could Lead to 2K+ HIV Infections in Year
Doctors slam GMC over Nestlé, McDonald’s deals
Doctors Slam GMC for Investing in McDonald’s, Nestlé
President’s Budget Cuts Wasteful Spending on Special Interests, Cracks Down on Fraud
President’s Budget Cuts Deficit by $3T in 10 Years
Inaccessible pain meds for sickle cell patients
Medicare Advantage Surges, Nearly Matches Traditional Medicare: USC Study
Unnatural selection
Health Care Costs Rise in Consolidated Systems
Post-ACA: More Adults with Schizophrenia Insured
ACOA Offers Aid to Shellfish Sector Post-Fiona Damage
Telehealth Mental Health Care Up During Pandemic
Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Surgery Disproportionately Unavailable to Minorities
Medicare Costs Increase for Metastatic Prostate Cancer Treatment
Cost concerns keep older adults from seeking emergency care
Older Adults Avoid ER Due to Cost Concerns
With high costs and similar benefits, use of new neurological drugs is low
Tropical cyclones increasing in low- and middle-income countries but are still least studied of climate-related events
CDC data suggests attitudes are shifting about HPV vaccine
How Threat of ‘Taxpayer-Funded Abortion’ is Being Used to Mobilize Conservative Religious Voters
Researchers Assess Barriers to Advanced Epilepsy Care in New Jersey
Women, minorities, patients on Medicaid less likely to receive regional anesthesia
1.3 million American adults with diabetes ration their insulin due to cost
Telemedicine reduces odds of no-show clinic visits by more than two-thirds for surgical patients
Research highlights lack of follow-up care for youth and young adults after hospitalization or ER visit for mental health
Research reveals racial disparities in access to new mammography technology
Lower-Income Patients with Heart Pumps More Likely Hospitalized with Major Bleeding, Infection or Heart Failure
Willoughby community eligible for disaster recovery funding
Why are insurance costs going up right now?
How Self-collection is Making Health Care More Accessible
Commit to Compensate Abused Migrant Workers: FIFA/Qatar
Remarks by Vice President Harris Before Roundtable Discussion With Latina State Legislators
Lyme disease diagnoses increased 357%in rural areas over past 15 years, according to private insurance claims
Study details U.S. health spending by region
Seizures may increase dementia risk for young stroke survivors
Opioid prescriptions significantly higher for patients with lifelong disabilities
Insulin is extreme financial burden for over 14% of Americans who use it
Reducing risk of maternal health problems among Medicaid patients could have additional benefits
Post-operative atrial fibrillation linked to higher risk for heart failure
How Pandemic Limited Access to Opioid Addiction Treatment for Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups
Cost of brand-name epilepsy drugs increased by 277% over 8 years
Research links lower area-level income and education with greater likelihood of advanced lung cancer diagnosis
Covid Pandemic Curtailed Young Adults’ Access to Addiction Treatment
Cost of brand-name epilepsy drugs increased by 277% over eight years
Race, ethnicity, poverty linked to worse outcomes in children treated for high-risk neuroblastoma
Inappropriate antibiotics for nonhospitalized kids cost US at least $74 million
Older people in Lebanon face desperate circumstances due to lack of basic social protection guarantees
Private insurers paid hospitals 224% of what Medicare would in 2020