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2023 Research Funding Awards Announced by Pentagon
Andrea Rinaldo wins “Nobel Prize in Water”
Microplastics Tracked in Oceans with Optics Technology
Relativistic Jets Found Blowing Bubbles in Teacup Galaxy
Integrated Grafting System Developed for Passion Fruit Plantlets
CityU Scientists Create Energy-Saving 6G Comms Meta-Devices
Postech Develops Multifunctional Vortex Beam for UV-Visible Spectra
Epilepsy Patients’ Brain Neurons Linked to Cognitive Ability
Traditional Horticultural Substrate’s Sorption Quantified
Insightful Simulation of 2013 Chelyabinsk Meteor
Research reveals simple maths can predict brain’s electricity flow
Research Reveals Mechanism for Large Tsunamis off NW Mexican Coast
UConn Launches New Cannabis Cultivation Minor
Interdisciplinary Approach Enhances Imaging in Electron, Optical Microscopy
Mutation of Desmoplakin Gene Leads to ACM
Protecting Endangered Grey Billy Buttons
Engineers Design Metasurfaces to Control Wave Propagation
High-Power Lasers Explore Black Holes, Gamma Rays
El Niño’s Impact on Drought Unclear
Begonia Festival preparations in full swing
Chatter Hides COVID-19 Spread in USA: Social Media News
Nutrient Uptake in Citrus Rootstock Affected by Huanglongbing
Extinct in Wild Species at Risk of Disappearing Completely
Intelligent Method Proposed to Identify, Predict Satellite Attitude
Clues to Distinguish Earth’s Core Depths Uncovered
Fatigue cracking leads to Jabiru’s in-flight propeller loss
Protecting Hydroponics from Electrochemical Hypochlorination Damage
Tree immunisations could become reality 19 February
Light Spetra Effects on Rooting and Growth of Cannabis
Artemis 1 Launches with Roar and Crackling Noise
Sheffield Uni to Open UK’s 1st 6G Research Centre
Farmed Chicken, Salmon Suffer Environmental Stress: Study
Effects of Photosynthetic Daily Light on SwordFern Cultivars
New Species Found in Hubei, China by Chinese Academy
Solving Biodiversity Puzzle: Ecology Reveals Missing Pieces
Next-generation storm forecasting project aims to save lives
Scientists discover toughest known material at ultra-cold temperatures
Laser-Accelerated Electron Radiation Unravelled via Terahertz Emissions
New viruses infecting hibiscus plants on Oʻahu
Molecule Oscillates when Stretched: Rabi Effect Observed
How Do Horticultural Activities Affect Brain Activation and Emotion?
Electrical Fault Causes Flame from Liquid Hydrogen Ship Vent
Tree immunisations could become reality
Measles Virus ‘Teams Up’ to Cause Fatal Encephalitis
Tibet’s Heat Linked to Amazon: Climate Tipping Point Half-Way Across Globe
Actin Impacts Cancer Spread in Multiple Ways
Council welcomes additional storm grant funding
Rare orchids could be saved by common fruits in Florida, research finds