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Auckland harbour goes electric
Canada and Province of Prince Edward Island help commercial fish harvesters invest and adopt energy-efficient technologies
Wind turbines, helicopters, weather and why turbulence matters
“Today will probably define whether I choose technology in future”
Collaboration to advance development of marine monitoring technology
From Gaza to Red Planet
Origins of Orbion: When Preparation Meets Opportunity
New space funding paves way for pioneering approaches to energy, communication and resources
Defence research attracts key industry connection
Defence Procurement Minister statement on National Shipbuilding
Optus utilises space robotics to extend life of D3 Satellite in world first
How to reach tumbling target in space
Nuclear Technology Set to Propel and Power Future Space Missions, IAEA Panel Says
New soft robot material to morph from ground to air vehicle using liquid metal
New soft robot morphs from ground to air vehicle using liquid metal
CNO Visits Philadelphia Navy Commands; Emphasizes Importance of Columbia-class Submarines
Disaster relief mission he won’t forget
Canada supports three projects to help reduce underwater noise impacts on marine mammals
Scientists contemplate launching tiny lifeforms into interstellar space
Scientists at PPPL and Princeton University demonstrate novel rocket for deep-space exploration
Electric Aviation Group and University of Nottingham Partner on Electric Propulsion Systems
Moth balls thrust satellites into space
University of Nottingham collaborates on new research centre to accelerate UK’s electrified future
How well do wet masks contain droplets?
Antarctic shipping update 19 October 2021
RSV Nuyina lights up future for Antarctic research
Nuclear-powered submarines welcomed
NASA Issues Contracts to Mature Electrified Aircraft Propulsion Technologies
Backing world-class innovation in New Zealand
Draft interim guidelines for ships using fuel cells agreed by Sub-Committee
3 Questions: Daniel Cohn on benefits of high-efficiency, flexible-fuel engines for heavy-duty trucking
NASA Innovations Will Help U.S. Meet Sustainable Aviation Goals
Deadline approaches for antique firearms law change
$1.2 million boost to back Australian Defence exporters
UK-based consortium established to develop prototype solid-state batteries
Materials science engineers strive to reduce emissions from aircraft engines
Royal Navy frigate HMS Richmond takes part in successful maritime exercise
EPFL now has its own Hyperloop test track
WMG battery vision powers into life with formal launch of UK Battery Industrialisation Centre
NASA Announces Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Reactor Concept Awards
NASA Awards Contract for Test Evaluation, Support
New funding from UK Space Agency will kickstart space technology projects
New icebreaker to arrive in October 29 June 2021
Backing Australian businesses to be part of future space missions
Boost for UK space sector as new facility offers cheaper and greener rocket testing
Green Hydrogen’s Time is Now
UTA designing a better bearing for small aerospace engines
Scientists lead ambitious study to reach infinity and beyond