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Illegal Hallucinogens Found in Brain Health Mushroom Gummies
Psilocybin Disrupts Brain Network, Induces Psychedelia
Psilocybin Triggers Psychedelia by Disrupting Brain Network
Caution Against Confusing with Magic Mushrooms
Americans Experiment with Microdosing as Drug Laws Loosen
Psylo Partners for Psychedelic Mental Health Treatments
Magic Mushrooms Top List of Most-Used Psychedelic Drugs
Research Defines Optimal Supervised Psilocybin Practices
'Poison Center Calls Surge Post Magic Mushrooms Decriminalization'
Nanaimo Resident Faces Drug, Firearm Charges After CBSA Probe
Public Health Risk: Unchecked Sale of Toxic Hallucinogenic Mushroom
Why Psychotherapy May Surpass Drugs for Some Depression Treatments
Magic Mushrooms Show Promise in Future Anorexia Treatment
Psychedelic Drugs Boost Brain Hyperconnectivity, Alter Experiences
Few Aware of Medications to Treat Alcohol Use Disorder
Psilocybin May Reverse Anorexia's Cognitive Rigidity
Cannabis, Psilocybin May Aid 50M Americans with Chronic Pain
Mount Sinai Reveals Psychedelic Drugs' Therapeutic Potential
Art, Psychedelic Therapies Heal Natural Disaster Trauma
Two Arrested, $130K Cash and Massive Drug Haul Seized
Will Movement To Legalize Psychedelics Succeed?
Research Backs Psilocybin's Potential for Depression Treatment
Research Backs Psilocybin's Promise as Antidepressant
US Regulator Awards LSD Breakthrough Status in Anxiety Treatment
Magic Mushrooms: Safe Cure for Medication-Resistant Depression?
Clinician-Patient Bond Crucial in Psychedelic Therapy
Fish Under Influence Reveal How Psychedelics Work
Fish "Under Influence" Reveal How Psychedelics Work
Psilocybin 'Magic Mushroom' Operation Charges, Marsden
Ketamine Triggers Diverse Brain Responses, Study Finds
Psychedelics May Worsen Mental Health in Personality Disorders
Clairvoyant's Psilocybin Trial Hits 90% Randomization Milestone
New Technique Measures Psilocybin Potency Of Mushrooms
Novel Method Quantifies Psilocybin Levels in Mushrooms
Trial Investigates Psilocybin Benefits in Tough Cases
Probing Mushroom Compounds for Psychiatric Disorder Therapy
'Magic Mushroom' Calls Growing At Poison Centers
Magic Mushroom Poison Calls Surge Post-Decriminalization: Study
Probing Chemistry of Love This Valentine's Day
Optimi Health Celebrates FDA Priority Review of Lykos' New Drug, Releases MDMA Video
Psychedelics Boost Sexual Function, Study Reveals
Psilocybin Mushroom Seizures Surge Dramatically, 2017-2022
Psilocybin Mushroom Seizures Surge in Law Enforcement, 2017-2022
US Psychedelic Drug Seizures Skyrocket
79% Canadians Back Therapeutic Psilocybin for End-of-Life Care
Can Psychedelic Drugs Aid Chronic Lower Back Pain?
Psychedelic Therapy Could Shatter Gambling Addiction Chains
Rapid-Acting Antidepressants' Benefits Linked to Neuropsych Effects