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Experiments show dramatic increase in solar cell output
High Brightness Mid-Infrared Laser Expands Horizon of Spectroscopic Analytical Technique
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Did comet impacts jump-start life on Earth?
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Observation of Topologically Protected Magnetic Quasiparticles
Translating proteins into music, and back
Research reveals exotic quantum states in double-layer graphene
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Similarities between a Van Gogh painting and a golf ball
NIST Team Supersizes ‘Quantum Squeezing’ to Measure Ultrasmall Motion
Merck’s Massachusetts-based Business Sectors Named ‘Best Places to Work’ by Boston Business
Approaching magnetic singularity
A tool for identifying phases of matter
Matthias Mann nominated for European Inventor Award 2019
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Immortal quantum particles
New £153 million programme to commercialise UK’s quantum tech
Tech spend outside IT creates opportunities, but also potential risks
Accelerating innovation in computing technologies
End of financial year tax minimisation checklist
Queen’s Birthday honours for seven Academy Fellows
Chip design drastically reduces energy needed to compute with light
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NIST Physicists ‘Teleport’ Logic Operation Between Separated Ions
Nature Recognizes Groundbreaking Discovery by SUSTech Led Team in Quantum Physics
Quantum information gets a boost from thin-film breakthrough
Ultra-Quantum Matter research gets $8 million boost
BBY client claims processing now underway
Palo Alto Networks Partner Has Successfully Certified ILCoin’s C2P Protocol for Quantum