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New ORNL software improves neutron spectroscopy data resolution
Light powers world’s fastest-spinning object
Colloidal quantum dot laser diodes are just around corner
Tuning optical resonators gives researchers control over transparency
Memory storage for super cold computing
At pulse of a light wave
Los Alamos National Laboratory joins IBM Q Network to explore quantum computing algorithms
Creatives sought for YIRRAMBOI 2021
Nano antennas for data transfer
Indeterminist physics for an open world
A fine sense for molecules
Device splits and recombines superconducting electron pairs
New rules illuminate how objects absorb and emit light
“Tweezer Clock” May Help Tell Time More Precisely
Edinburgh investment boss banned for decade
Seeing perovskites in a new light
A New Playbook for Interference
Nanoscience breakthrough: Probing particles smaller than a billionth of a meter
A new way to induce quantum anomalous Hall effect
How Electrons Break Speed Limit
Liquid flow is influenced by a quantum effect in water
Spin on perovskite research advances potential for quantum computing
Has physics ever been deterministic?
Researchers demonstrate strange melting point phenomenon in metals
Neutrons probe ultra-cold condensate for insight into quantum matter
Superconductivity Theory Under Attack
Toward more efficient computing, with magnetic waves
Researchers reach milestone in quantum standardization
Ultrafast quantum simulations: a new twist to an old approach
Random importance of clouds
Beauty of Imperfections: Linking Atomic Defects to 2D Materials’ Electronic Properties
James Stirling: renowned physicist, respected academic leader, trusted colleague
Breakthrough Method for Processing Nanomaterials Heralds Advances in Quantum Computing, Nanotechnology
Research reveals new state of matter: a Cooper pair metal
Probing dark matter using antimatter
Probing dark matter using antimatter
Scalable assembly of qubit array components
New material points toward highly efficient solar cells
Using light to generate order in an exotic material
Frontiers of quantum computing and sensing: 10 Sci & Tech questions
Obtaining order in “frustrated” landscape of disordered magnetism
Team uses golden ‘lollipop’ to observe elusive interference effect at nanoscale
Nature names ZJU 20th globally for prolific research output
New ‘bike helmet’ style brain scanner used with children for first time
Ultrafast Quantum Motion in a Nanoscale Trap Detected
Chemists observe “spooky” quantum tunneling
Watson Lecture, November 6: Stevan Nadj-Perge
OU Dedicates New Quantum Research and Technology Center