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Stretching Makes Superconductor
Scientists find upper limit for speed of sound
What’s Nanotechnology? Kristin Persson Explains at 4 Different Levels
Otago successful in $69 million of CoRE funding
NASA Hosts Virtual Destination Station with Astronaut Christina Koch, Scientists
NATSEM ANALYSIS: Benefits from Federal Budget are all relative
Generating photons for communication in a quantum computing system
Mentoring program to stop leaky pipeline of academia
Machine Learning Speeds Up Quantum Chemistry Calculations
Could megatesla magnetic fields be realized on Earth?
Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff: how science fiction helps make sense of physics
New algorithm could unleash power of quantum computers
Tohoku University Teaches Old Spectroscope New Tricks
Bridging Gap Between Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Topological Insulators
Long-range quantum interactions limit speed of information
Nuclear engineer receives $3.6 million in grants to improve reactors
Wired Up: Majorana Fermions for Quantum Computing
Quantum vortex study recognised as Eureka Prize finalist
Avrohom Kimelman and Don Evans charged with market manipulation offences
Complex systems far from equilibrium
Return of Spin Echo
Young physicist ‘squares numbers’ on time travel
New NIST System Detects Ultra-Faint Communications Signals Using Principles of Quantum Physics
Researchers document record-setting optical fiber
Nanostructures with a unique property
Controlling ultrastrong coupling at room temperature
Why there is no speed limit in superfluid universe
Google It: Quantum Chemistry Problem Solved
Appointments to CSIRO Board
Lighting way to infrared detection
Squaring Circle-Breaking Symmetry of a Sphere to Control Polarization of Light
Life on Venus? Traces of phosphine may be a sign of biological activity
Sub-Nanoparticle Catalysts Made from Coinage Elements as Effective Catalysts
Evidence of Power: Phasing Quantum Annealers into Experiments from Nonequilibrium Physics
Spectral classification of excitons
Physicists use classical concepts to decipher strange quantum behaviors in an ultracold gas
AI shows how hydrogen becomes a metal inside giant planets
Quantum light squeezes noise out of microscopy signals
New Technology Lets Quantum Bits Hold Information for 10,000 Times Longer than Previous Record
A step towards a better understanding of molecular dynamics
Using two acoustic reflectors triples spin-current generation
Near-Optimal Chip-Based Photon Source Developed for Quantum Computing
BHP launches subordinated note repurchase plan
Strong fields and ultrafast motions – how to generate and steer electrons in liquid water
Giant leap for molecular measurements
Quantum Innovations Achieved Using Alkaline-Earth Atoms
UW, collaborators win federal quantum information science funding
Quantum Simulation of Quantum Crystals