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Materials – Quantum building blocks
Scientists have learned how dangerous aerosols are formed
New Insight into Nonlinear Optical Resonators Unlocks Door to Numerous Potential Applications
Machine learning aids in simulating dynamics of interacting atoms
Calibrating Next-Gen Telecom at 5G and Beyond
A speed limit also applies in quantum world
Atomic nuclei in quantum swing
IBM’s Quantum computer links two quantum revolutions
Topological insulators could offer a way to harness exotic particles for quantum computing
New Advances Using Exotic Matter May Lead to Ultrafast Computing
Quantum collaboration gives new gravity to mysteries of Universe
Colloidal quantum dot lasers poised to come of age
Machine learning to accelerate green internet development
Quantum effects help minimise communication flaws
FYSA: Quantum Possibilities
Inductance based on a quantum effect has potential to miniaturize inductors
Molecule Guide to Understanding Chemical Reactions Better Scientists
Coiling Them Up: Synthesizing Organic Molecules with a Long Helical Structure
Backreaction observed for first time in water tank black hole simulation
How heavy is Dark Matter? Scientists radically narrow potential mass range for first time
How quantum is it? University of Toronto physicist Aaron Goldberg may have answer
Hyperchaos possibilities for modelling complex quantum systems
Alpha particles lurk at surface of neutron-rich nuclei
Bringing Atoms to a Standstill: NIST Miniaturizes Laser Cooling
Navigation by Atom – Coming to a Vehicle Near You
Research Week Features Hot Topics and New Tools
Mark Vogelsberger wins 2020 Buchalter Cosmology Prize for simulating a “fuzzy” universe
New way to control electrical charge in 2D materials: Put a flake on it
Error protected quantum bits entangled
Engineer awarded NSF grant to investigate acoustic graphene properties
Connected Moments for Quantum Computing
Physicists get closer to examining symmetries underlying our universe
In memoriam: Martinus Veltman
Quantum Mysteries: Probing an Unusual State in Superconductor-Insulator Transition
Magnets dim natural glow of human cells, may shed light on how animals migrate
A high order for a low dimension
Yes to Breaking Speed-of-Light Barrier
Quantum nanodevice can be both a heat engine and a fridge at same time
Quantum wave in helium dimer filmed for first time
Multiparty entanglement: when everything is connected
When light and atoms share a common vibe
Scientific highlights 2020
World first Australian solution to protect sensitive data from Quantum threat
Topological phases in biological systems
Tiny quantum computer solves real optimisation problem
Catalyst Research: Molecular Probes Require Highly Precise Calculations
A team of physicists is studying radiation properties of ozone
New type of atomic clock keeps time even more precisely