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BHP launches subordinated note repurchase plan
Strong fields and ultrafast motions – how to generate and steer electrons in liquid water
Giant leap for molecular measurements
Quantum Innovations Achieved Using Alkaline-Earth Atoms
UW, collaborators win federal quantum information science funding
Quantum Simulation of Quantum Crystals
Researchers on a Path to Build Powerful and Practical Quantum Computer
Study enables predicting computational power of early quantum computers
LHCb discovers first “open-charm” tetraquark
A new tool to create chemical complexity from fatty acids
Physics explains medical effect
Henriksen lands CAREER grant to chase electron effects
Artificial materials for more efficient electronics
First ever observation of “time crystals” interacting
A collaboration between art and science
Industry welcomes High Court’s judgment to preserve longstanding industry practice regarding personal/carer’s leave
Why nanomaterial quality matters, and smart new way to check it
Understanding more about magnets at atomic level
Grasshopper jumping on Bloch sphere finds new quantum insights
“Simulation microscope” examines transistors of future
Physicists count sound particles with quantum microphone
Rare phenomenon observed by ATLAS features LHC as a high-energy photon collider
A force from nothing used to control and manipulate objects
CERN experiments announce first indications of a rare Higgs boson process
Can a quantum strategy help bring down house?
Probing properties of magnetic quasi-particles
“Giant atoms” enable quantum processing and communication in one
Studying Interaction of Plasma with Irradiated Tungsten and Tungsten Alloys in Fusion Devices
Farm worker shortage bites as picking begins, farmers urged to consider Plan B
Spin, Spin, Spin: Researchers Enhance Electron Spin Longevity
Room temperature superconductivity creeping toward possibility
Simulating quantum ‘time travel’ disproves butterfly effect in quantum realm
Ferried Across: Figuring Out Unconventional Spin Transport in Quantum Spin Liquids
World´s lightest mirror
University physicists measure duration of quantum tunneling for first time
Diving into structure of molten salts in tight spaces
NIST’s Post-Quantum Cryptography Program Enters ‘Selection Round’
Electrons obey social distancing in ‘strange’ metals
UVA Pioneers Study of Genetic Diseases With Mind-Bending Quantum Computing
‘Blinking’ crystals may convert carbon dioxide into fuels
Physicists develop technology to transform information from microwaves to optical light
Lightest mirror in world
Atomtronic device could probe boundary between quantum, everyday worlds
Atomtronic device could probe boundary between quantum, everyday worlds
Superconducting Twisted Bilayer Graphene-Magic not Needed?
System’s ability to boost laser precision at room temperature increases its usability
A new path for electron optics in solid-state systems
Christophe Galland picks up good vibrations from photons