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How does ordinary matter behave when it is compressed without limit?
First Run 3 physics result by CMS
LHCb’s new VELO springs into action
CMS measures rare particle decay with high precision
Large Hadron Collider project discovers three new exotic particles
LHCb discovers three new exotic particles
ATLAS and CMS release results of most comprehensive studies yet of Higgs boson’s properties
Searching for matter-antimatter asymmetry with Higgs boson
ALICE makes first direct observation of fundamental effect in particle physics
ATLAS nets top quark produced together with photon
ATLAS seeks out unusual signatures of long-lived particles
Largest matter-antimatter asymmetry observed
Elusive “strange” nucleus is free of charge
Homing in on Higgs boson interaction with charm quark
ATLAS gives new insight into internal structure of proton
Marathon experiment reveals quirks of quarks
ALICE takes next step in understanding interaction among hadrons
Triple treat from CMS
WASA detector at GSI/FAIR
Working to Understand Changing Flavors of Quarks
Scientists observe enhanced yield ratio between strange and nonstrange open-charm mesons
Twice charm: long-lived exotic particle discovered
ALICE finds that charm hadronisation differs at LHC
GEM simplifies internal structure of protons and their collisions
Physicists Extract Proton Mass Radius from Experimental Data
TOTEM and DØ collaborations announce odderon discovery
59 new hadrons and counting
CMS sets new bounds on mass of leptoquarks
LHCb discovers first “open-charm” tetraquark