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World first in AI helps predict heart attacks and stroke
Queen Mary ranks in top 20 for universities targeted by employers
European Union is creating its own downfall according to new book by Queen Mary academic
Foot-and-mouth-disease virus could help target deadliest cancer
‘Sandpit’ workshop in Mexico results in research project to prove diagnostic potential of saliva for breast cancer
Queen Mary marks another year of ground-breaking cancer research
Coronavirus advice and FAQs
Pinpointing rare disease mutations
Brexit referendum did not lead to more radical Euroscepticism elsewhere, according to new study
Better primary care needed to help young stroke survivors return to work
Exploring history of emotions in nursing
Rock n roll biologist’s new music video exposes Gwyneth Paltrow’s alternative ‘health treatments’
Exploring future of Labour Party at Mile End Institute
Political misinformation found to be related to support for right-wing populism in Europe
Queen Mary opens Organs-on-Chips Centre for advancements in medical research and drug development
Scientists fear impact of deep-sea mining on microbial ecosystems
Queen Mary research team identifies new route for tackling drug resistance in skin cancer cells
Re-thinking abortion politics
Study sheds new light on how cells interact with their surroundings
Reflections on releasing political polling results into big wide world
Queen Mary academics receive honours from Queen
Scientists discover molecular ‘lock’ that prevents genetic mistakes when cells divide
People think marketing and political campaigns use psychology to influence their behaviours- but don’t believe it works
A philosophical approach to film history
Fine-tuning thermoelectric materials for cheaper renewable energy
Queen Mary e-cigarettes paper talk of global village in 2019
Researchers look behind biological curtain on how fish oil might fight inflammatory disease
IBIS-II study finds anastrozole reduces breast cancer rates long term for high risk postmenopausal women
Exploring what is next for British democracy
Labour’s lead in capital increases according to latest Mile End Institute poll
Visit by Queen Mary Heads of Schools strengthens ties with institutions and female academics in Mexico
Institute of Population Health Sciences leader calls for next step in transforming HIV care
Jewish people who chose Germany as a place to live
UK and China research team take first steps towards a vaccine for pancreatic cancer
Arbitration seen as best process for resolving international construction disputes
Emerging political economy of British left
Making equal and fair pay a reality
Sadiq Khan on course for victory in London Mayoral race, but Rory Stewart is gaining ground according to latest poll
Study finds ‘cluster of disadvantage’ could explain ethnic differences in psychosis rates in some areas
Catholic women reveal all about their sex lives in ‘ground-breaking’ new book
Chicks born with ability to distinguish and avoid different dangers
Exploring life and work of Daniel Defoe
Authority and Populism in age of Trump
Academic researchers seeking constipated people for study
Queen Mary ‘sandpit’ workshop with National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico results in research project to tackle air pollution in Mexico…
Queen Mary academic publishes book exploring source of language’s endless creativity
Role of race highlighted in research for World Mental Health Day
New book by Queen Mary academic offers fresh insights into transatlantic slavery