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Social robots – a new tool in health care that may be as effective as a human clinician
We ignore COVID-19 airborne spread indoors at our peril: 239 scientists
New study investigates hidden problem of period poverty in schools
Research Sustainability working group
Victoria showing signs of second wave
Ladder falls have long-lasting consequences for older blokes
Survival of smallest? Retail’s post COVID-19 future
State-wide polls meaningless as guide to 2020 election
QUT is top Young Uni in Australia
Race around world for COVID-19 vaccines
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Shining A Light On Gig Economy
First 100 days of COVID-19 – map of Australian Twitter users’ concerns
Counterfeiters stopped in their tracks by Laava’s Smart Fingerprints
CEA entrepreneurship at QUT
Business leader calls on nation to “act with purpose”
Empty CBDs, suburban renaissance? Post-COVID property predictions
‘Missing Middle’ offers new approach to housing
Blockchain to rescue of small publishers
Shutdown gives scientists unique opportunity to study Hobart air quality
Uncovering role of mealybugs in pasture dieback
Epigenetics tells story of trauma and recovery
Natural capital must be counted in post-COVID economics
Information technology features in short course offerings
Should we wear face masks?
Gig economy may hold some hope for jobs in age of COVID-19
QUT air quality researcher joins Australia’s top scientists
Australia’s top scientists elected as Fellows of Academy 25 May
Virtual firefighting a reality
Disadvantages of digital divide in spotlight
New follow-up models to bring cancer care closer to home
Nutrition grad shares food bliss with community
Open access science brings COVID-19 research success
Social good creates economic boost
Time for smart startups to step up
World-first saliva test detects hidden throat cancer
Financial literacy to better prepare Australians for major financial shocks
Digital health platform aids clinicians in COVID-19 treatment
Pressure injury risk extra burden for ventilated COVID-19 patients
QUT leads genomics research for better Indigenous health outcomes
Twitter – not just pointless babble
Over $33 million to boost genomics research into cancers and to combat children’s diseases
Safely relaxing social distancing comes down to numbers
Remote and frontline workers’ welfare still a business priority
QUT partners in new Queensland AI Hub
Many cells make new moves
Corona-anxiety: how to recognise warning signs in kids & adolescents
Is your handwashing up to scratch? 30 April