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New advice to help stop early heart attacks for Indigenous Australians
$2.4 Billion health plan to fight COVID-19
RACGP urges government to introduce telehealth Medicare rebate for GPs to support COVID-19 patients
RACGP pushes back against Pharmacy Guild power grab
RACGP boosting rural and remote GP workforce
RACGP calls for national plan to deal with pandemics
RACGP welcomes snapshot of medical training
Team approach to patient care a win for all
RACGP welcomes face mask announcement
A bold plan to help more Australians to quit smoking
RACGP slams medevac repeal
RACGP speaks out against medevac repeal
New leadership for RACGP
Launch of Standards in primary mental health training and education
RACGP’s vision for improving our health system
RACGP CEO steps down
RACGP response to questions about GP19 Keynote speaker diversity
Good to be back in fold
RACGP welcomes new Shadow Federal Health Minister, Hon Chris Bowen MP
Tasmanian Government expansion of flu vaccination program risks patient safety
Who will care for all Australians?
Greens’ commitment to preventive health would benefit patients
Doctors call for general practice to take centre stage this election
Queensland Government disregard for patient safety
Lifting freeze might sound good but much more is needed
RACGP calls for patients’ health to be taken seriously this election
Urgent care centre trial will fragment patient care
RACGP begins final step toward profession-led Australian General Practice Training
Labor Party fails to recognise vital role of general practice in every Australian community in Budget reply
RACGP calls for more to be done in general practice
More investment needed to improve patient health outcomes
Guild put profits above patients in latest lobby attempt
RACGP welcomes National Rural Generalist Pathway funding
Longer GP visits lead to a healthier Australia
Signs Australia’s political leaders finally recognising vital role of general practice in Australia’s healthcare system
New GP qualification to improve support for rural Australian patients
Australia to host world’s largest gathering of family doctors
GPs demand action on real time prescribing in NSW to save lives
Flood-affected communities to receive telehealth care with their GP
Commitment to preventive cardiovascular healthcare will improve the heartbeat of Australia’s healthcare system
Commitment of Australian Health Reform Commission welcomed by GPs
Australia’s GPs call for support for Dr Kerryn Phelps’ private member’s bill to save vulnerable lives