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Even if we halt global warming, local climates will change – and we need new experiments to understand how
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Climate action in agribusiness could reduce emissions by up to 7 per cent
World food prices reach highest level in more than decade
Governments need to address inevitable risks of losses and damages from climate change, says OECD
Integrate water supplies and climate action, world leaders urge
Water and Climate Coalition Leaders: we need urgent, integrated action
Climate change to stir up global agriculture within next decade
Perennial grass weeds are perennial problem
International group of citizens and scientists creates feasible visions of resilient, net-zero future
Major grants helped spur record research growth in 2020-21
New research hub brings water knowledge to Western Australia
New Holland Mouse feared extinct detected on Flinders Island
Adapt or die, says Environment Agency
Carbon neutral Council by 2025
Climatic impacts of black carbon aerosols over South-East Atlantic underestimated, research shows
Climatic impacts of black carbon aerosols over South-East Atlantic underestimated
Isotope Records Reveal Complexity of Changing Climate Dynamics
Climate change, population increase, fuel looming water crisis: WMO
Act now to cut farming emissions by 2050: new Grattan report
WMO: Climate change threatens sustainable development
Examining how climate change may impact mine rehabilitation
MIKTA Statement on Natural Disasters in Turkey
AI weather forecasting for smart farms
Hydrological Alteration and Nutrient Input Greatly Affect Greenhouse Gases Emission
Millions affected by climate change and extreme weather in Latin America and Caribbean
Growers urged to monitor and manage for cereal diseases
In search of refuge
IPCC reports climate change is widespread, rapid and intensifying
Global warming ‘unequivocally’ human driven, at unprecedented rate: IPCC
Climate change widespread, rapid, and intensifying – IPCC
Monday’s IPCC report is a really big deal for climate change
New long-term satellite analysis reveals “plum” rainy season wetter now than ever before
Summer sowing legumes to renovate pastures
Water-related disasters throw up complex challenges, threaten lives and jobs
More intense and frequent thunderstorms linked to global climate variability
Marine sediments explain how part of Brazil’s Northeast region became semi-arid
Drought report calls for new management approach
Sustainable archaeology: Research into Easter Island’s past may aid its residents today
Uneven flow: When water catchments don’t recover from drought
Research identifies climate-change refugia in dry-forest region
One has a dagger-like claw, other explosive agility – but who would win in a fight?
Tune into growers’ stubble management insights
Nature has enormous potential to fight climate change and biodiversity loss in UK, according to new report