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FSU teams with 13 other universities to investigate effect of climate change on Arctic ecosystems
New study aims to understand how our waterways generate greenhouse gases
Global impact of wildfires to intensify due to human-induced climate change
Extreme rainfall events cause top-heavy aquatic food webs
Research team to study food resilience in face of catastrophic global events
Disease-carrying mosquitoes could be common in Europe by 2030
Scientists trial world-first ‘cloud brightening’ technique to protect corals
Scientists trial world-first ‘cloud brightening’ technique to protect corals
ACF challenges Morrison Government decision to not apply water trigger to Adani pipeline
Studying Water’s Flow Will Help Preserve Access to Life-Sustaining Resource
WA wheat yields unchanged despite 100+ year rainfall decline
Variety selection and sowing date important considerations under future climate scenarios
UO team helping to decipher a Baja California mystery
Cave secrets unlocked to show past drought and rainfall patterns
Ozone depletion driving climate change in Southern Hemisphere
Damage to Ozone Layer and Climate Change Forming Feedback Loop
Canada supports climate change adaptation projects in Indigenous and northern communities
Strategies to adapt to climate change need to look at current events as well as predictions
Record number of people facing critical lack of food in South Sudan
South Australia’s droughts are getting worse
Water and infrastructure lead PGF boost for Napier and Hastings
Coal-fired power stations ‘disrupt rainfall patterns’