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UCLA Study Cures Rare Immune Deficiency with Base Editing
Robot to Boost Cell Therapies: MHRA Trial Launched
New tool identifies which cells will best repair muscles
Leah Cowen: Canada Can Become Genomics Powerhouse
UK Scientists Research Shockwaves for Injured Soldiers
Heart Tissue in Space to Study Aging, Long Spaceflights
Executive Board: Suspicion to Snowball Effect of Interdisciplinary Collaboration
Adhesive Protein Aids Bone Regeneration by Attracting Stem Cells
Complete Jaw Assembly: Step-by-Step Guide
Construction Begins On New Centre For Medical Discovery
Heart Tissue to Space to Study Aging and Spaceflight Impact
Microdevices to Grow Human Neurons and Muscle for Disease Treatment
U of T hub to boost Canada’s pandemic prep and biomanufacturing
Australian Cell and Gene Catalyst takes step forward
Clinical Trial for Swallowing Difficulties After Cancer
Researchers developing method to repair hearts
UC Davis Health Developing In-Utero Therapy for DMD
AusBiotech develops report to boost cell and gene manufacturing
Better Understanding of Birth Defects Paves Way for Regenerative Medicine
Cell Mechanism Discovered to Fight Cancer and Aging
Computer Model Unveils Genes’ Role in Embryo Development
Biotech partnership to develop new therapies
Inhalable ‘SHIELD’ Protects Lungs Against Covid, Flu Viruses
Inhalable ‘SHIELD’ Guards Lungs from COVID-19, Flu
Large-scale generation of muscle-controlling nerve cells from ALS patients
Academic research and clinical care come together
Peptide 3D-printing inks could advance regenerative medicine
New Method to Purify Human Stem Cells into Interneurons Developed at KCL
Chinese Academy: Rare Superfast Muscles Found in Mouse Legs
Duke-NUS & NHCS Regen Diseased Kidney: World First
Mexican American Stroke Survivors Less Likely to Receive Rehab
Mexican American Stroke Survivors Less Likely to Receive Intensive Rehab
PNU Researchers Find Gene That Controls Leukemia Development
Cellular ‘glue’ to regenerate tissues, heal wounds, regrow nerves
USC/CHLA Lab Accelerates Cell Therapy Advancement
U of T Opens Blue Door to External Partnerships
Oxford to Lead International Effort on Programmable Nucleic Acid Drugs
New research has ingredients for medical 3D printing success
How to rewind clock on arthritic cartilage
Imperial College London Study Mends Scars with Hair Transplants
Good hydration linked to healthy aging
Hydration Essential for Healthy Aging: Study
Pfizer: Positive Results from Hemophilia B Gene Therapy Study
UC Davis, Caring Cross & CIRM Join to Create Cancer Immunotherapy
Researchers Uncover Water-Based Sex Reversal in Humans
Humpty-Dumpty Water Mechanism of Sex Reversal Found by IU Researchers
Generating Human-Like Neural Networks Via Cellular Reprogramming
Drug discovery may boost liver transplant success