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Less recurrencies with low-dose apixaban compared to discontinuation of anticoagulant after negative D-dimer
Prescient expands PTX-200 AML cohort following additional complete remission
Opioid overdose death toll has risen more than 5-fold among Indigenous Americans over past decade
Researchers highlight more equitable way to analyze DNA data from understudied groups
Rutgers and N.J. State Parole Board Receive $3.2 Million Federal Grant to Assist Offenders with Substance Use Disorder
Feeling sensations – including ones connected to sadness
Proteins as prognostic markers for disease oral leukoplakia and oral cancer
Researchers Uncover Unique Mechanism for Cancer Therapy Resistance
Decrease in relapses of Crohn’s disease in youth
New mental health telephone support line to help Western Australians in their time of need
Study Shows Chemotherapy-Resistant Neuroblastoma Cells Have More Active Inflammatory Sensing and Signaling
E-cigarettes linked to fewer successful quitters than other smoking cessation aids
Study links E-cigarettes to fewer successful quitters than other smoking cessation aids
ECT more effective than ketamine in severe depression
Addiction relapse driven by drug-seeking habit, not just drug
NTU-SGH study finds reason why chemotherapy fails for some blood cancer patients
Glucose control is key factor for reduced cancer risk in obesity and type 2 diabetes
By putting cancer cells to sleep, new drug could prevent tumor metastasis
Dana-Farber research supports FDA approval of immunotherapy drug given after surgery for certain patients with kidney cancer
HKU Dentistry study finds facial asymmetry correction surgery effective
Decreasing DNA repair and genomic instability
Inducing apoptosis in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Role of TGF-β/SOX9 axis in carcinogenesis using 3-dimensional in vitro and in vivo models
Inflation raises uncertainty about future living standards
Staying on long-term antidepressants reduces risk of relapse study suggests
Staying on long-term antidepressants reduces risk of relapse
Researchers investigate treatment factors for NMDAR antibody encephalitis outcome
Researchers discover dependency of glioblastoma on biotin distribution
Modulating cancer cell responses during drug-induced senescence
Take Look Inside QCS officer profile 20 August
Immunotherapy drug delays recurrence in kidney cancer patients 19 August
Nanoparticles to help evaluate effectiveness of radiation therapy for cervical cancer
Phase two CD19-antibody-drug conjugate trial demonstrates promise for aggressive lymphoma
Real-time stress detection devices could help fight alcohol relapses
CAMH releases updated national clinical guidelines for treatment of opioid use disorder
Researchers study potential new CAR-T cell therapy for multiple myeloma
Early Lung Cancer Coopts Immune Cell Into Helping Tumors Invade Lungs, Mount Sinai Researchers Discover
Immunotherapy drug delays recurrence in kidney cancer patients
Immune therapy after surgery lowers relapse risk in patients with high-risk melanoma
Tumor marker may help overcome endocrine treatment-resistant breast cancer
Long-lasting medications may improve treatment satisfaction in people with opioid use disorder
Switch of breast tumors to HER2-low in recurrence may provide greater therapeutic options
Ebola Outbreak Over in Democratic Republic of Congo
Overcontrol is common with eating disorders
Antidepressant withdrawal or relapse? Doctors can’t really tell
Mutations can reduce effect of hormonal treatment in early breast cancer
Large numbers of regular drug users report increased substance use during COVID-19
Heavy energy drink consumption linked to heart failure in a young man