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Genome studies uncover new branch in fungal evolution
New critical period of embryonic sex determination in sea turtles identified
Which reptiles and amphibians in southwestern United States are most vulnerable to climate change
Global warming increases risk of heat failure in ectotherms
Shaver’s Creek breaks new ground with training of venomous snakes
Fossil bird’s skull reconstruction finds brain made for smelling and eyes made for daylight
Model calculates energetics of piercing fangs, claws and other biological weapons
Operation bobtail underway at Booyeembara Park
Discover: Did giant sea lizard rule oceans 66M years ago?
Goldfish show keen ability to estimate distances
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Triassic specimen found to be early relative of pterosaurs century after its discovery
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Jurassic ichthyosaurs divided food resources to co-exist, researchers find
What caused holes in SUE T. rex’s jaw? Probably not infection
Fish ‘chock-full’ of antifreeze protein found in iceberg habitats off Greenland
Study tracks waterbird use of Chicago-area wetlands
New changes to vegetation and koala mapping
Ancient ocean predators on display at Newcastle Museum
Changes in tree canopy facilitated evolution of first-ever gliding reptile
Cornell partners in $12.5M grant examining aging between males and females
Seahorse fathers give birth in a unique way, new research shows
Single-cell transcriptomics finds evolutionary innovations in reptile and amphibian brains
City invites community to contribute to development of Biodiversity Strategy
Farmers welcome farm biodiversity scheme
Tim Andrus Stalks Wild Mushroom
Fossils of giant sea lizard that ruled oceans 66 million years ago discovered
Scientists Unravel Biotic Colonization History of Subtropical East Asian Caves
Fish “chock-full” of antifreeze protein in iceberg habitats off Greenland
NatGeo: Do spiders dream?
Community members roll up their sleeves to make Cumberland City greener for National Tree Planting Day
Researchers embark on mission to find all world’s ants
Check with Council before removing native vegetation
Grazing goats to revitalise Royal Park for little lizards
Study Provides Novel Evolutionary Insights into Unisexual Reproductive Success