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Breast Screening Trial Targets Low Alcohol Awareness in Women
Breast screening trial targets low alcohol-cancer awareness
RACGP calls for action on Big Alcohol
National Guard Members Reduce Binge-Drinking via Education and Peer Support
RACGP calls for tighter alcohol delivery laws
Smoking, drinking means higher surgery risks, but health coaching before surgery could help
Smoking & drinking means higher surgery risks, but health coaching before surgery could help
Community organisations call on Netflix to set standard with ad model that prioritises health and wellbeing
Digital support for reduced alcohol consumption
Ethnic pride may help protect Latino college students from problem drinking
Is it time to change your drinking habits?
Study shows need to increase screening for unhealthy alcohol use during primary care visits
New campaign focuses on cultures of high-risk drinking in hospitality
Festive Season Opportunity to Address Alcohol Concerns
Heavy drinking when young increases alcohol risk in early pregnancy
Surge in smoking among young adults during lockdown
Poll finds risky drinking patterns in older adults during pandemic
FARE launches initiative to support ACT women to cut back on risky drinking
Pubs had no beer but Aussies didn’t drink more at home
Survey reveals burden of alcohol and methamphetamine harm in WA EDs
Alcohol and methamphetamine harm in NZ EDs
NAAA calls for loopholes to be removed from liquor laws so that families and communities are safe from
Older Australians drinking more heavily
Trapped in ‘man box’ – belief in outdated gender stereotypes biggest predictor of men using violence
Smoking rate falls to 11%, alcohol consumption stable and use of some illicit drugs is
Booze ads designed to keep you laughing all way to bottle shop
Building trades’ risky drinking problems
Alcohol, drugs ‘make isolation worse’
Additional $6 million to support drug and alcohol services during COVID-19
CPRIT Funding to Support New Cancer Prevention Efforts Benefiting Central Texans With Low Income
Young drinkers more ‘selfie-conscious,’ research suggests