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Victoria University modelling shows road safety investment could save millions of lives in developing countries
Solutions journalism boosts road safety in Tanzania
Speed limit to be reduced through Dawesville
World Bank Approves $250 million Program for Making Indias Roads Safer
Improvements underway at White Gum Valley black spot
Wear Orange Wednesday 18 May
Surgeons need more bodies to practice on
Police set sights on drink drivers this Easter long weekend
What helps rescued wildlife stay alive?
World Sleep Day: fascinating and complex world of dental sleep medicine
Mathematical paradox demonstrates limits of AI
Mathematical paradoxes demonstrate limits of AI
Australia Post releases new stamp to commemorate 50 years of world-leading road safety legislation
Australians are living longer from lockdowns
Stay while and stop, revive, survive in Wellington
With 1.3 million annual road deaths, UN wants to halve number by 2030
Speeding, Driving Under Influence of Alcohol Common Among Drivers in Vientiane, Road Safety Survey Finds
Can we make transport safe and sustainable? An interview with motorsport chief, Jean Todt
ACC accounts require greater transparency
Digital CBT effective for severe trauma
NatRoad Calls For On-Road Culture Change Following Latest Safety Report
$3 million to provide safe passage for livestock
Improving safety barriers to reduce road deaths and serious injuries
Partnership to understand Indigenous experiences of CTP
A moment’s distraction can cause a lifetime of pain
How new traffic blister in my neighbourhood works
Wear Orange Wednesday 19 May
UK Government paves way for self-driving vehicles on UK roads
Sri Lanka: Kandy to Redevelop Major Transit Terminal to Support Road Safety, Tourism, COVID Recovery
Labor locks in future of Tasmanian fire service
Plenty brigade marks start of construction
Connecting Asia-Pacific with Smart, Safe and Resilient Roads
CFA releases latest response data 22 March
It’s time to ‘snip and chip’
First comprehensive study of wildlife roadkill in Tsavo, Kenya identifies hotspots, affected species
Retroviruses are re-writing koala genome and causing cancer
Government must address high number of road fatalities involving seasonal workers on Aus farms
Walkerston Bypass Access is “an accident waiting to happen”
Positive messages encourage safer driver behaviour than fear tactics
Driver distraction warning ahead of holidays
New captain looks forward to challenge
Seventeen genetic abnormalities that cause brain aneurysms
Slater and Gordon issues road safety warning after spate of serious accidents in Melbourne’s west
NSW Police roll-up their sleeves for third annual ‘Bleed4Blue’ blood drive
Young drivers at risk on roads following COVID restrictions
Naloxone To Save More Lives Under Amended Drug Law
Virtual reality technology to improve pedestrian safety for older Australians
Caught on camera – 10,000 tailgaters spotted in just two weeks