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CMU Researchers Create Wearable Device to Control Mobile Robots
AWI Biological Defleecing Update
Drones to help with safety and keeping costs down
Electronic Skin Imitates Crocodile Flexibility
3 Questions: How automation and good jobs can co-exist
Using Robotics to Support Physical Recovery ft. Amy Wright
Win $100K to Commercialise Agri-Food Tech
Robots Survive Wing Damage, Keep Flying
Bug-Sized Robots Fly On Despite Wing Damage
Carnegie Mellon Unveils Soft Robot Capable of Land and Sea Movement
Young Programmers Attend DevoXX4Kids Workshops at CERN
New “traffic cop” algorithm helps a drone swarm stay on task
Engineering breakthrough in softbotics
Shape memory for nano-sized objects
Diverseco opens first NT site for upcoming training
Goulburn Comic Con 2023
Learning to compute through art
Future soldiers: more machine than man
Robot design, testbeds, and safety standards accounting for diversity
Scientists Create Self-Adjusting Elastic Materials
Robots Jump Higher with Improved Latch Control
Iterative regulatory process for robot governance
Bedrooms: More than Just Place to Sleep
Researchers uncover physical limitation in haptic holography
New Earthworm Robot to Explore Underground: Bioinspired Design
King’s College London awarded €150,000 for robot neurosurgery research
Bright Sparks Invited to Illuminate NT Science Week
New grants available for Victorian manufacturers
Calling all bright sparks to light up NT National Science Week
Ankle Exoskeleton Algorithm Adapts to Changing Pace and Gait
Robotic bees to support real-life ecosystem
Amazon Algorithm Enhances Human-Robot Collaboration
Tiny new climbing robot was inspired by geckos and inchworms
Robot Climbs Walls, Inspired by Geckos and Inchworms
Backing Victoria’s Advanced Manufacturing Evolution
CityU Develops Wireless E-Skin for Virtual Touch Communication
Shrinking from heat
Robot Aids Students w/ Learning Disabilities Stay Focused
Why behavior of Bing search chatbot is serious threat
Ai Group Revives Digital Tool for SMEs
Cameras help predict survival probability of fish
Physicists Uncover Clues in Shark Intestines
AI-Enabled Tech Helps Ensure Safety in Snow Clearing
Robotic Exoskeletons Need to Outpace Human Reflexes for Balance Recovery
Neutral-Atom Quantum Computers Solve Wider Range of Apps
Calculating collision risks: with constant bearing principle
AI Massage Robot Trials Begin in US, Singapore
Ants go marching … methodically