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UKAEA signs multimillion-pound framework agreement to aid development of fusion energy
Smart textiles powered by soft transmission lines
A good egg: robot chef trained to make omelettes
Giving soft robots feeling 1 June
Researchers develop stretchable, self-healing and illuminating material for ‘invincible’ light-emitting devices
ARU launches first ever online science festival
Giving soft robots feeling
Technology uses plant biomass waste for self-powered biomedical devices
Commercial partners join forces with three universities to develop rapid COVID-19 test kit
Palaszczuk Government helps Yeppoon food manufacturer beef up its operations
Controlling Artificial Cilia with Magnetic Fields and Light
As ORNL builds novel reactor, nuclear industry benefits from technology
Double helix of masonry – researchers uncover secret of Italian Renaissance domes
Minister Butcher chairs first manufacturing council in 2020
Making tissue stretchable, compressible, and nearly indestructible
Comedy club performances provide insights on how robots, humans connect via humor
Body modification innovations explored in new interactive story
RoadPrintz Inc., with technology created at CWRU, secures additional funding to advance robotic street-painting
Faster and more effective scene understanding
A soft touch for robotic hardware
Planetary Exploration Rover Avoids Sand Traps with “Rear Rotator Pedaling”
Inspired By Cheetahs, Researchers Build Fastest Soft Robots Yet
Cabin project upcycles ash trees for sustainable architecture
Carnegie Mellon, Pitt Researchers Launch Ventilator Project
To catch an interstellar visitor, use a solar-powered space slingshot
Autonomous systems to weed out organic weeds
How many jobs do robots really replace?
Sciontec Liverpool signs £12m deal with Bruntwood SciTech
Advanced robotics hub extending helping hand to manufacturers in need
MIT Sloan Executive Education pivots to live online courses
New Device Simulates Feel of Walls, Solid Objects in Virtual Reality
ISU robot still reports to work, even during a pandemic
Electronic Skin Fully Powered by Sweat Can Monitor Health, Serve as Human-Machine Interface
Diamonds shine in energy storage solution
Boeing Activates Airlift Capabilities for First COVID-19 Transport Mission
Faithfully supporting well-being
UNIST Forms Industry-Academia Alliance with HHI Group
Smartphone Videos Produce Highly Realistic 3D Face Reconstructions
Ordering of atoms in liquid gallium under pressure
Printing 3D equipment to fight COVID-19
Digitalization in times of COVID-19
How robots can help fight pandemics
Industry responds to call to arms to build British diagnostics industry at scale
Resources Challenges: Automation pilot takes off
Researchers at University, Sinai Health working on blood test to screen thousands for COVID-19 immunity
Talking About How We Talk About Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Stanford engineers find ankle exoskeleton aids running
System trains driverless cars in simulation before they hit road