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Research breakthrough in understanding how neural systems process and store information
Researchers modelling full impact of pandemic restrictions to prepare for next public health crisis
Researchers Unveil Geological History of Three Great Asian Plateaus
Corals Carefully Organize Proteins to Form Rock-Hard Skeletons
Canada invests in climate change awareness and action project for young Canadians
Rising carbon emissions (probably) won’t make Earth uninhabitable
Prosperity Partnership to develop next-generation sustainable materials for consumer products
Search for strange Skyrmion phenomenon fails but finds even stranger magnetic beaded necklace with computer memory storage
Robot lizard mimics best moves for all terrain
Technology can save Australians from shark bites
Masks make little difference identifying faces, study finds
Widespread use of control measures is vital as lockdown lifts, say scientists
Widespread use of control measures such as facemasks is vital to suppress pandemic as lockdown lifts, say scientists
Urban squirrels, how much are we disturbing you?
OPSS launches magnet safety campaign
Nullarbor kangaroo was able to climb trees
DNA damage “hot spots” discovered within neurons
Pandemic reveals strengths and ‘fault lines’ in Canada’s immigration system
Gray’s beaked whales ‘resilient’ to ecosystem changes
Light pollution drives increased risk of West Nile virus
Snappy evolution was behind success of ancient crocodiles
Scientists link flower color changes with climate fluctuations
University of Alberta biologists study how changing boreal forests could affect caribou
Many New Zealand species are already at risk because of predators and habitat loss
High-resolution ocean model looks at sea turtles’ lost years
Appointment of Lay Member to Legal Services Board
‘Ticket and test’ scheme could help crowds return safely to live events
Declining caribou population victim of ecological chain reaction
University of Warwick Spin-Out, CryoLogyx, partners with investors
Queen Mary support new UK-India consortium to address global sustainability challenges
New study investigates how life on land recovered after “The Great Dying”
Lost song spells trouble for endangered songbird
University of California and Elsevier reach agreement restoring access to journals
Weakened protections led to more disappearances of endangered Mexican wolves
Electricity could help speed wound healing, new study shows
Tumours illuminated brightly and precisely with new biodegradable nanoprobe
Medieval ‘birthing girdle’ parchment was worn during labour, study suggests
Medieval parchment was worn as ‘birthing girdle’ during labour, study suggests
We must have a better plan for next pandemic, say Otago researchers
I ain’t afraid of no ghosts: people with mind-blindness not so easily spooked
Rare meteorite recovered in UK after spectacular fireball
Economic benefits of protecting nature now outweigh those of exploiting it study shows
Female gannets go extra mile to feed chicks
Neuroimaging reveals how ideology affects race perception
Cutting-edge analysis of prehistoric teeth sheds new light on diets of lizards and snakes
Cuttlefish show their intelligence by snubbing sub-standard snacks
A silver swining: ‘destructive’ pigs help build rainforests
CSIRO moves towards Open Access for national benefit