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New Ultra-Miniaturized Scope Less Invasive, Produces Higher Quality Images
First-of-a-kind electro-optical device provides solution to faster and more energy efficient
Controlling optical properties of solids with acoustic waves
Barbequed clams on menu for ancient Puerto Ricans
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Cultivating Joy through Mindfulness: An Antidote to Opioid Misuse, Disease of Despair
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Quantum paradox experiment may lead to more accurate clocks and sensors
Borophene on silver grows freely into an atomic ‘skin’
Semiconducting Material More Affected By Defects Than Previously Thought
Study reveals new patterns of key ocean nutrient
Technique uses magnets, light to control and reconfigure soft robots
Study Finds Routine Hits Playing Football Cause Damage to Brain
Technique Uses Magnets, Light to Control and Reconfigure Soft Robots