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Machine learning helps map global ocean communities
Heightened Interaction Between Neolithic Migrants and Hunter-Gatherers in Western Europe
Bacteria breakthrough could lead to new biomaterials
A few months of vaping puts healthy people on brink of oral disease
A potential explanation for urban smog
Yale finds a earlier birth date for tectonic plates
Ocean ‘breathability’ key to past, future habitat of West Coast marine species
Study shows toxin family binds to sugar receptors on human cells to cause damage
New urine testing method holds promise for kidney stone sufferers
Blood flow recovers faster than brain in micro strokes
Past is prologue: Genetic ‘memory’ of ancestral environments helps organisms readapt
Stitch in time: how a quantum physicist made new code from old tricks
How mixed messages complicate mate selection
Nature-inspired CRISPR enzymes for expansive genome editing
Graphene-reinforced carbon fiber may lead to affordable, stronger car materials
Male treefrogs get jump on rivals
Ocean ‘breathability’ key to past, future habitat of West Coast marine species
How did old masters make their ultramarine?
Artificial Synapses on Design
A simple twist could sink cornstarch walkers
Inspired By Cheetahs, Researchers Build Fastest Soft Robots Yet
Look beyond rainforests to protect trees, scientists say
University researchers use diphtheria toxin to target genes in cancer cells
Possible vaccine for virus linked to type 1 diabetes
Climate Change Could Reawaken Indian Ocean El Niño
Plant viruses could be used to prevent and treat human autoimmune diseases
Focused Ultrasound Opening Brain to Previously Impossible Treatments
Researchers develop novel device to improve performance of underactive bladders
UBC researchers establish new timeline for ancient magnetic field on Mars
Thousands of miles of planned Asian roads threaten heart of tiger habitat
Dirty carbon reveals a sophisticated side
New findings suggest laws of nature not as constant as previously thought
New findings reveal universe is weirder than we thought
FSU researchers discover new structure for promising class of materials
Catalyst Opens Door To More Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Ethylene Production
Scattering of Adiabatically Aligned Molecules by Non-resonant Optical Standing Waves
A Study Finds Neuropeptide Somatostatin Enhances Visual Processing
Human-caused warming will cause more slow-moving hurricanes, warn climatologists
Scientists invent nanoparticle that could improve treatment for bone defects
Earth’s atmosphere far dustier than previously believed
Self-powered X-Ray detector to revolutionize imaging for medicine, security and research
A team from UB and IBUB describe an unknown route of assembly and ionic channel traffic in cardiac cells
Insight Into Synapses
Rotavirus VP3 is a unique capping machine
Study unlocks secret of corals’ tolerance to climate change: their diet
Earth’s atmosphere far dustier than previously believed
Researchers achieve remote control of hormone release
Advance in Understanding Actin Sheds Light on Cell Function