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Scientists Unveil Basis of PLP2-Mediated Protein Folding
Sox9 Protein Triggers Colorectal Cancer Time Travel
Research Uncovers Resistance to COVID-19 Drugs
Method to Enhance Seasonal Flu Vaccines Also Aids Pandemic Prediction
Sox9 Protein Leads to Colorectal Cancer Through Time Travel
Declines in LA’s Birds Driven by Climate Change, Urbanization
Strengthening trust in machine-learning models
Drugs against drought
New Drug Combo Shrinks Lung Tumors in Mice
Mammals Evolve Flight Multiple Times, Unlocking Its Secrets
Soaking up sunlight with microscopic molecular device
Smart Bandages Monitor & Treat Wounds
UW Researchers Uncover Cell Type to Prevent Marrow Transplant Issues
Smart Bandages Track Wounds, Administer Targeted Care
UW Res. Find Cell Type to Prevent Marrow Transplant Complication
Cryo-electron Microscopy Captures Structure of Protein Pump
Nanoparticle Could Revolutionize Corneal Transplants
Bacteria Cell Division Halted By Blocked Wall Formation
Optical Switching Breaks Speed Record, Paving Way for Light-Based Electronics
Robot Caterpillar Crawls with Soft Robotics Tech
Babies or beauty?
IgA Nephropathy Pathogenesis Revised After Anti-Mesangial Autoantibody Discovery
Biohybrid Device to Restore Paralysed Limbs
Robot Caterpillar Shows New Way of Moving for Soft Robotics
Geoscientists Unearth 800M-Yr-Old Life Evolution Clues
Tackling counterfeit seeds with “unclonable” labels
Unclonable Labels Aim to Combat Counterfeit Seeds
Biodegradable Soft Robotics: Going Green
Space Skin Developed to Withstand Extreme Conditions
Nanotechnology could treat lymphedema
Genomic Study of Ancient Humans Sheds Light on Human Evolution on Tibetan Plateau
Biodegradable Glass Created by Chinese Academy
Qubits Revive Magnetism, Bolster Quantum Computing
MIT Physicists Find Recipe for Exotic Phenomena
Ancient Human Genome Reveals Evolution on Tibetan Plateau
Biodegradable Glass Created: Scientists Make Eco-Friendly Discovery
Qubits Revolutionize Magnetism: Advancing Quantum Computing
Drug Combo Reduces Lung Tumors in Mice
Biomarkers May Aid in Early Pancreatic Cancer Detection
Research Shows Effects of Mutations on Androgen Receptor
CityU Scientists Create Energy-Saving 6G Comms Meta-Devices
Estrogen Linked to Heart Rhythm Disorder Risk
Bypassing antibiotic resistance with combination of drugs
Brain-Inspired Computer Parts Created
World’s First mRNA Vaccine Against Deadly Bacteria
Research Finds Risk of Simultaneous Global Climate Extremes
Quantum Engineers Develop Tool for Extreme Sensitivity Probing
Quantum Engineers Develop Sensitive Nature Probe