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Bovine TB Vaccine & Test Field Trials Advance
DASA South East England & Int’l Innovation Partner Changes
Engineer Discovers Method to Improve Pharmaceuticals Through Dolphin Research
Sec’ of Health meets MND Researchers to Speed Cure Search
UK Gov Accepts CMA Proposals on Children’s Social Care
100k UK Small Biz Receive Govt-Backed Start Up Loans
Lower BP Reduces CVD Risk for Kids With CKD
£3m Awarded to Study Feelings of Claiming Benefits Abroad
UK Celebrates 70th Anniversary of East Coast Tidal Surge
Coeliac Disease Linked to Cardio Risk Despite Fewer Known Factors
Risk of Cardiovascular Disease Higher in Celiac Sufferers
CAA Publishes Annual Progress Report
Antarctic ice sheet retreat slowed by ocean changes
Experts Praise Ireland For Taking in Ukrainian Kids, Urge Action for Roma, Traveller and Disabled Children 28 January
Chancellor Outlines Plan to Boost Economy Long-term
Boost Mid-Life Brain Power With Moderate/Vigorous Exercise
Experts Praise Ireland For Taking in Ukrainian Kids, Urge Action for Roma, Traveller and Disabled Children
UK Government Funds North Lanarkshire with £4.6m
Volunteers needed to boost study into nation’s health
Sustainability – Exploring possible
Humans Understand Chimp & Bonobo Gestures
Minister Speaks at Type 31 Ship Steel Cutting Ceremony
Mid-life Exercise Linked to Brain Power: Moderate, Vigorous Activity Recommended
Report accelerating Tertiary Education Sector’s path to Net Zero
Govt Figures Show Who Helps Households This Winter
Scotland Gets £177M Boost for Leveling Up Projects
UK Gov Signs £393m Deal to Boost Islands’ Growth
King Named Ambassador to DRC: Alyson King
500,000 missed out on blood pressure lowering drugs during pandemic
500,000 Missed Out on BP-Lowering Drugs During Pandemic
Mental Health, Finances Linked During Pandemic: Study
New reports highlight Albany’s potential to ride ocean energy wave
Southside Library to host four author talks
Levelling Up Fund to Transform UK: Landmark Plan
Runaway Ice Retreat in West Antarctica Could Be Halted by Ocean Temp Changes
Canada Joins Global Push for Zero-Carbon Technologies
Naval Shipbuilding Returns to Belfast with £100M Boost
MHRA Boosts UK Testing of In-Vitro Diagnostics
Minister Anand Donates 200 Armored Vehicles to Ukraine
UK House Prices Rise in Nov 2022: Index
Scottish Bill Seeks to Reform Gender Recognition Process
UK Submits to UN on Economic, Social Rights: Report
Scottish Gov’t: Alister Jack on Gender Recognition Reform Bill
UK Govt: North Scotland Energy Users to be Protected
West Antarctic Ice Retreat Can Be Slowed by Climate Change
Lowering voting age boosts long-term participation in elections
Lower voting age boosts participation in elections
UK and Scotland Unite for Green Freeports in Firths