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Minister Sajjan speaks with Minister KISHI
Boeing on Contract for Two More Japan KC-46 Tankers
Access to knowledge in an age of surveillance capitalism
Dyess AFB Airmen arrive in Indo-Pacific for Bomber Task Force, integrate with Koku-Jieitai, U.S. Navy
Lab-Grown Mini-Lungs Mimic Real Thing – Right Down to Covid Infection
Australia Defense Ministers Kishi/Reynolds Joint Statement on Advancing Defence Cooperation
Royal Australian Navy joins regional partners for Exercise Pacific Vanguard
USAF, JASDF strengthen Agile Combat Employment capabilities
Joint Statement on Seventh Meeting of Japan-U.S. Comprehensive Dialogue on Space
Phoenix Raven Course continues strong during COVID-19
US demonstrates airpower in Indo-Pacific region with simultaneous bomber missions
374th SFS strengthens bilateral ties with Koku-Jieitai
1 crew trains with Japan, USS Ronald Reagan in Indo-Pacific
Boeing, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Partner on State of Art Upgrades to Japan’s F-15J fleet
Australia, Japan and US exercise in Philippine Sea
New Gun Subculture Is on Rise in Liberal States with Stricter Gun Laws
UN Special Rapporteur Gives More Cause to Distrust UN Human Rights Mechanisms
B-52s demonstrate bilateral, joint force integration in Indo-Pacific
Misawa AB demonstrates combat readiness in first joint, bilateral elephant walk
Secretary Pompeo At a Press Availability with Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, Attorney General William Barr
B-1B Lancers return to Indo-Pacific for bomber task force deployment
Ellsworth AFB B-1 plays key role in US, Japan bomber-fighter integration operations
Prisons, domestic violence and COVID-19
Uncontrolled flight into water accident investigation highlights risks of hypoxia
Secretary Pompeo’s Call with Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi
Cope North 2020 Joint Forces exhibit aerial prowess
U.S. Air Force trains with joint, combined forces in rapid airfield damage repair
AF trains with joint, combined forces in rapid airfield damage repair
PACAF invites Australian air force to lead multinational HADR exercise during Cope North 2020
Breaking tradition: airborne sensor operator makes history
18th AGRS replicates threats during Cope North 2020
US, Japanese, Australian forces train together during Pacific Defender 20-1
Joint forces kick off Cope North 2020
US, Japan and Australian forces kick off Cope North 2020
US, Japan bomber-fighter integration showcases alliance, global power projection
Japan joins Operation Bushfire Assist
Minister for Defence – – Japan joins Operation Bushfire Assist
US, Japan forces welcome New Year with bilateral jump
Plants speak ’roundworm’ for self-defense, study shows
Upholding UN Charter
Operation Christmas Drop delivers critical supplies, holiday spirit
AMC hosts Japan’s Air Support Command commander for bilateral visit
In a war perceived as just, many Americans excuse soldiers who commit war crimes, Stanford scholar finds
AMC hosts Koku Jieitai Air Support Command commander for bilateral visit
Trilateral mine counter measure exercise begins
Researchers help tomato plants repel pathogens with a ‘vaccine’ to boost their chemical defense systems
Unlocking Biochemical Treasure Chest Within Microbes
Boeing Begins Assembling First KC-46A Tanker for Japan