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Japan Sends Aid to Turkey After Quake via NATO Flight
US Defense Secretary Meets Israeli Prime Minister in Israel
My culture, your culture, our culture
Sec. Blinken Meets Italian Deputy PM, FM Tajani
White House Announces Arms Transfer Policy
Single gene causes stinging cell to lose its sting
Researchers center experiences of Black women in counseling
Boeing Wins USAF Contract for 15 KC-46A Tankers
RAAF Joins US, Japan for Cope North 2023 Drill
US, Japanese forces team up for exercise Southern Beach
Deputy Sec. Sherman Meets Italian Diplomatic Adviser Talò
Yokota AB participates in multilateral New Year’s Jump exercise
Lloyd Austin, Yoav Gallant Discuss Defense Issues
HMAS Hobart Returns for Holidays
Secretary Blinken and President Radev Hold Talks
Defense Sec. Austin On Japan’s New Security Strategies
Partner nation air forces deliver humanitarian aid during Operation Christmas Drop 2022
Ankylosaurs fought each other as much as they fought T. rex
Readout of Vice President Harris’s Meeting with President Sandu of Moldova
Treaties Committee supports ratification of Australia-Japan Reciprocal Access Agreement and Global Convention on Recognition
Japan Orders Two More Boeing KC-46A Tankers
Indigenous sailors showcase culture in Japan
Readout of U.S. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday Meeting with India’s Chief of Naval Staff Adm. R. Hari Kumar
Visit to Japan strengthens relationship
Readout of U.S. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday Meeting with Vietnam’s Chief of Navy Rear Adm. Tran Thanh Nghiem
Readout of U.S. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday Meeting with Chief of Staff of Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Adm
Cultural tribute keeps friends in tune
Partnerships strengthened in Sulu Sea exercise
Coordinated Massacres by Islamist Armed Groups in Mali
B-1B Bomber Task Force returns to Guam for multilateral training operations
Ships ‘foxtrot’ in South China Sea
Australia must protect its troops from death penalty
15th Wing, JASDF increase interoperability during first bilateral exercise
Majority of New Jerseyans Don’t Have Much Trust in U.S. Supreme Court
Fleet goes all guns blazing
HMCS Vancouver begins Operation NEON deployment
Air-to-air refuelling success 7 September
Treaties Committee to inquire into Australia-Japan Reciprocal Access Agreement
Message to Force – One Year Since Conclusion of Afghanistan War
Sawfish fossils suggest teeth likely evolved from body scales in ancient fish
Firing away on regional presence deployment
Power of friendship
U.S., Republic of Korea, and Japan Participate in Missile Defense Exercise in Hawaii
$1 Billion in New U.S. Military Assistance for Ukraine
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s Call With Israeli Minister of Defense Benjamin “Benny” Gantz
Biden-Harris Administration Announces $550 Million in New U.S. Military Assistance for Ukraine
First time Chair of NATO Military Committee attends Indo-Pacific Chiefs of Defence Conference
Chief of Naval Operations Travels to RIMPAC, Meets with Exercise Participants