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Aspirin: Making Sense of Changing Guidelines
Gut-Brain Connection Research Gets Boost of $8.9 Million
Identified: gene behind an unusual form of Cushing’s Syndrome
Gene behind an unusual form of Cushing’s Syndrome
How do probiotic bacteria benefit intestine?
Research Snapshot: Sugar compounds in breast milk relieve uncomfortable side effects caused by chemotherapy
Chemotherapy Before Surgery Improves Outcomes in Advanced Ovarian Cancer
Scientists reverse pancreatic cancer progression in ‘time machine’ made of human cells
Scientists Show How Mucus Protein Contributes to Worsening COPD, Asthma, Lung Conditions
Link between inflammation and pancreatic cancer development uncovered
Is your body clock off-schedule? Prebiotics may help
Research describes new procedure that successfully treated patients with congenital intestinal malrotation
Gut Microbiota Induces Secretion of Maternal Antibodies in Breastmilk
Antibiotics increase risk of colon cancer
Research finds neuroendocrine tumor mortality patterns to inform treatment decisions
Research uncovers how fructose in diet contributes to obesity
Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B volume 11, issue 7 publishes
Discovery of origin of oesophageal cancer cells highlights importance of screening for pre-cancerous Barrett’s oesophagus
Discovery of origin of esophageal cancer cells highlights importance of screening for pre-cancerous Barrett’s esophagus
Black soldier fly larvae can replace soybean meal in growing pigs
Research finds molecule that stimulates muscle-building in humans
Oral Vaccine Failure in Mouse Model of Chronic Gut Disorder
Artificial stomach finds fluid dynamics of food digestion
‘Good cholesterol’ may protect liver
Pathogens get comfy in designer goo
Cancer: information theory to fight resistance to treatments
No IgA leads to intestinal inflammation
Simple compound to control complex gut microbes
Probiotic shows promise for treating intestinal inflammation disorders
Irritable bowel syndrome endoscopically identifiable from mucosal biofilms
Biomarker predicts bowel cancer recurrence
Microbial gene discovery could mean greater gut health
Researchers uncover mechanism related to severe post-COVID-19 disease in children
Why we should take a women-centred approach to diagnosing and treating iron deficiency
Study Reveals Genetic and Cellular Mechanisms of Crohn’s Disease
Surgery is a viable treatment for pancreatic cancer patients especially after chemotherapy
Lynch Syndrome: Know your risk for susceptibility to cancer
European Medicines Agency Accepts Pfizer’s Marketing Authorization Application for Its Investigational 20-valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine for Adults 18 Years
$1.2 million to find new treatment for rare cancer
After recovery from COVID-19, immune system mounts a lasting defense
NTU Singapore scientists develop oral insulin nanoparticles that could one day be an alternative to injections
New fundamental knowledge of “abdominal brain”
Black Bear Gut Biome Simpler Than Expected, Scientists Say
Financial assistance helped cancer patient over Christmas time
How to defend your dog from parvovirus this summer
Vanderbilt contributes to ‘Google Earth’ of human body, starting with kidney
Researchers create molecular ‘atlas’ of GI tract neurons
Sea lions of Kangaroo Island under threat