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Gastroenterology team members care for patients in Rwanda
1/3 of Amazon Rainforest Degraded by Humans: Study
1/3 Amazon Rainforest Degraded by Human Activity: Scientists
PopuLab Improves Quality of Life in Popular Areas
Study Logs Five-Fold Increase in Autism in New York-New Jersey Region
Big City Life: Benefits Reserved for Elite
Inequality in Pediatric Eye Care Access Persists
Uganda Refugees: WFP Focuses Food Aid on Most Vulnerable
Autism Rates Surge in NY-NJ Region, Up Fivefold from Study
Brian Laul awarded Campbelltown Citizen of Year
National Academy of Sciences’ Roundtable Outlines Macroeconomic, Climate Risks and Opportunities
Rurality Linked to Higher Heart Failure Risk
Prenatal Pollution Linked to Lower Cognitive Scores in Infants
Gun control measures associated with reduced police use of force
Mental Health Gap Widened During COVID-19 Crisis
Study shows impact of high GP turnover on service and health
Generational Mental Health Inequality Worsens with Covid Pandemic
‘Golden Boy Mummy Found Wearing 49 Amulets’, CT Scans Show
Australia Marks 50 Years of Non-Nuclear Proliferation Treaty
Cancer Patients at Risk of Suicide: Study
Business Leaders Unite to Support Palestinian Economy Despite Political Risk
India Joins World Economic Forum for G20 Progress on Socioeconomic Issues
Mental Health, Finances Linked During Pandemic: Study
Follow-up Colonoscopy After Positive Stool Test: Rates Reported
UK’s K-VAC to Explore Vaccine Hesitancy in Eastern Kentucky
Rise in Liver Cancer Alarms Australia’s Northern Regions
New Roundtable on Health Equity in Communities of Color
Rutgers Philosopher Argues for a “Realistic Blacktopia”
Most long covid effects resolve within year after mild infection
Aging HIV+ on Stable Treatment Unlikely to See Rapid Cognitive Decline: Study
1 in 10 Minors Denied Court Approval for Abortion
1 in 10 Minors Denied Access to Abortion via Court
Long Covid Effects Usually Resolve Within Year
Black Women Suffer Tooth Loss Most: Study
Retracted Paper Had Hidden Interests Behind Anti-Abortion Stance
Childhood maltreatment linked with multiple mental health problems
Tensions Soar Over Cost of Living Crisis vs Sustainable Climate Action
Child Abuse Tied to Mental Health Issues in Kids
Consumption of fast food linked to liver disease
Research Reveals Inequality in Access to Opioids for Elderly Cancer Patients
Team Projects Two Out of Three Glaciers Could Be Lost by 2100
Covid impacts prosocial behaviour negatively 11 January
Fast Food Linked to Liver Disease Risk
Call to Tackle Women’s Reproductive Needs Holistically
Call to address women’s reproductive needs holistically
Regional Plan for Controlling Snakebites in SE Asia Launched
Indigenous Lands Key to Forest Conservation in Amazon: Study
Private High Schools in Rural India Cause Gender, Income Stratification