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Eye Color Genes Key to Retinal Health
Seniors’ use of urinary-tract infection antibiotics halved
Endangered Vulture Reappears in Bulgaria After 36-Year Absence
Project to develop new precision antibiotics launched
2023 Scholarships Awarded to Rising Matildas Stars
FSU President Commends Seneff Scholars in Medal Ceremony
Childhood Obesity Raises Diabetes Risk in Adulthood
Iowa State delivers $5 billion impact to state economy
Patients with Fatty Liver Can Try Alternate-Day Fasting
Mom’s Microbiota Regulates Newborn Lungs’ Immunity
FinTech companies true to their word after Brexit
Pregnancy Complications Linked to Heart Disease Risk
Incredible display of local talent
Ban on Female Aid Workers in Afghanistan Threatens Lives
Women’s Aid Delivery in Afghanistan Must Continue: IASC Principals
Ashurst advises Serica Energy on proposed acquisition of Tailwind Energy
Cutting Better with Quantum Computing
Drug discovery may boost liver transplant success
Driver of cystic fibrosis lung inflammation yields target for treatment
Researchers throw light on genetic changes that turn on cancer genes
Fossil discovered in storage cupboard moves origin of modern lizard back 35 million years
Significant gaps and inequalities in provision of specialist child weight management services
Key factors identified for brain tissue regeneration
Aging | IGF1 gene therapy in middle-aged female rats delays reproductive senescence through its effects on hypothalamic GnRH
Fixture Change in Pacific Four Nations Tournament
Tracking malaria parasites in space and time
Researchers develop material that mimics how brain stores information
Patients recall death experiences during CPR
Students picture new vision for sustainable waste future
Deprivation may explain link between early adversity and developmental outcomes in teens
Bristol computational chemist wins funding to advance drug discovery efforts to treat addiction, pain, and cystic fibrosis
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada announces judicial appointments in province of Saskatchewan 1 November
Actions of Belarusian state endangered safety and security of commercial passenger aircraft and lives of all those onboard
New data on how intermittent fasting affects female hormones
Secretary General in Sofia to mark 30th anniversary of Bulgaria’s accession to European Human Rights Convention
World Food Forum: Youth leaders ask policy makers to step up efforts to bring about real change
Assistant Secretary for Energy Resources Pyatt Travels to Turkey, Romania, and Bulgaria
U.S. President Biden Announces Key Appointments to Boards and Commissions 1 October
Enhancing Migrant Integration Services in Portugal
Calling on all men to act now to drive action on gender equality, world leaders gather to accelerate progress
U.S. President Biden Announces Key Nominees 17 September
Lewis Hamilton lines up with UNHCR in equality drive for refugee children’s education
Researchers among first to capture James Webb Space Telescope images
Modern humans generate more brain neurons than Neanderthals
WUR and Wageningen under sign of ‘planetary boundaries’
Statement by Principals of Inter-Agency Standing Committee on famine in Somalia
Subarctic cave bacteria could be at risk due to climate change
Talking dead: burials inform migrations in Indonesia