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Cultural sites in China, India, Iran and Spain inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List
Global vaccination push that brought world ‘arm-to-arm’
Research reports strong indications of freshened groundwater offshore Maltese Islands
Heads of Mission and representatives of West Bank Protection Consortium member states and likeminded countries visit Humsa Al Bqai’a
Hooray for our firies
Management measures improve conservation of steppe bird in Lleida
Draft mandate for negotiations in respect of Gibraltar Foreign Secretary statement
Foot tumor and two tail fractures complicated life of this hadrosaur
Long-period oscillations of Sun discovered
NATO ships exercise in Black Sea
Separated and freshly bound
An automated flight control system for drone swarms has been developed
EU project ADMIRE launched
Is a “green populist” movement emerging in Switzerland?
Operation Skipjack ‘Phase 2’ disrupts billion dollars of GBL harm into community
USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Returns from Deployment, IKE CSG Earns Navy Unit Commendation
Cupid Comes to Port Douglas for Love Island Season 3
Deadly flooding, heatwaves in Europe, highlight urgency of climate action
IMF Executive Board Concludes 2021 Article IV Consultation with Greece
New ITU standards project to define sustainability passport for digital products
Coastal ecosystems being ‘burned’ by double whammy of rising temperatures and ocean acidification
Scientists record Earth’s ‘pulse’ at bottom of ocean
IOM Provides Over 1,300 Migrants with Emergency Shelter and Assistance on Canary Islands
Eight Allies reshape logistics for ammunitions
Protests in Cuba: beginning of new revolution?
Mathematician Xavier Ros Oton, awarded with Gold Medal Guido Stampacchia
Tilio, Wales, Holmes & Devlin added to Australian Olympic Team
Deaths soar on perilous maritime migration routes to Europe
July/August 2021 Annals of Family Medicine tip sheet
Medication or exercise? What works best for seniors with mild to moderate depression?
Research highlights need to replace ‘ancestry’ in forensics with something more accurate
Deaths on Maritime Migration Routes to Europe Soar in First Half of 2021: IOM Brief
Winds and geography shape zigzag migration of Eleonora’s falcons between Canary Islands and Madagascar
Using data and technology to keep young drivers safer
10 unethical tourist tropes to avoid when world reopens
Tourism Takes Action on Plastic Waste and Pollution
Finalists announced for first ever IFAD COPEAM Film Award
Buzzing for Bees’ Needs Week 2021
As England lose Euro 2020 final on penalties, study shows ‘fairer’ way of settling spot-kicks
Every spot of green space counts
Deputy Prime Minister concludes successful G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting
Machine learning models based on thermal data predict solar radiation
A UOC team develops a neural network to identify tiger mosquitoes
Mobile World Congress 2021: Back together in Barcelona
Poll Shows Social Distancing and Masks to Continue Despite COVID-19 Vaccination
Study offers insight into why some people overestimate their abilities while others underestimate
WMO issues Airborne Dust Bulletin
Research Reveals How Ebola Virus Manages to Evade Body’s Immune Defenses