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Geology Articles Published Online Ahead of Print 29 March
Making Airports More Efficient for Better Landings
Energy Crisis Reverses Gender Equality, Says Greenpeace
LUMC marks 50 years of MRI, aims to make it affordable globally
ACTU calls for National Energy Transition Authority in Federal Budget
Human Body Breeds Antimicrobial Resistance Genes
New Plant Species Named After Don Quixote, Found in La Mancha, Spain
Energy crisis strongly impacting consumption habits, says Consumer Scoreboard
Ukraine Creditors Back IMF’s Approval of Credit Tranche Programme
Supporting ballast water management in Mediterranean Sea
Stonehenge Calendar Modern Invention
Spain, IEA to Host Summit to Reach 1.5ºC Goal in Oct
Curing heart disease with CRISPR
Worlds Collide: Art history and materials science in Yucatán
Invention: Oxygen-Ion Battery Unveiled
Expedition to Unveil Hidden Life in Galápagos Islands
Endangered Vulture Reappears in Bulgaria After 36-Year Absence
Research Finds High Human Toll of Covid Travel Bans
New Insights into Origins of Spinal Muscular Atrophy
OSCE and Guardia Civil Aid Ukraine in Curbing Illicit Arms Trafficking
ESO Telescopes Spot Aftermath of DART’s Asteroid Impact
Project to develop new precision antibiotics launched
Space Images Show Drought’s Impact on Plants
Workers, Bosses Must Trust Teleworking: Key to Success
COVID-19 linked to increased risk to develop gastrointestinal disorders
Reducing Sleep Pill Use in Elderly: Patients & Caregivers Involved
Super Seaweed Harvests Health Compounds from Sea for Medicine
Data Integration Improves Heart Disease Research
UN Water Conference to Feature Origami Hummingbirds
Scientists Discover Key To Beating Lung Cancer: Sotorasib
Early Brain Aging Linked to Walking Performance
Noise Pollution Harms Ocean Life and Ecosystems
EHRA 2023: hottest science in heart rhythm disorders
Lancaster Research Yields Fire Detection System to Save Forests
CommBank Matildas fans – Gold Standard
Spain to Lead World in Hunger, Poverty Fight: IFAD President
New Technique to Measure, Understand Multidirectional Polarization
€1.2m for 300 Dismissed Spanish Workers from EC’s Globalisation Fund
Cocaine Trafficking Rebounds After COVID-19 Dip
Testing ocean’s chemistry and climate impact
Improved Access to Heart Transplants via Donor Heart Function Preservation
Improved Access to Heart Transplants Through Donor Heart Maintenance
Tool speeds up, boosts accuracy of vaccine dev
Antigua, UAE Accept 2021 IMO Convention Changes
Fungus Aids Plants in Sustainable Iron Acquisition
OECD: Unemployment Rates Updated in March 2023
Creative Spotlight | Rone Waugh
Research reveals difference between Growers and Showers