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Catalans queue early to vote in referendum banned by Spain
Assange accuses Spain of conducting ‘world’s first internet war’ to shut down Catalan referendum
Echoes of Franco dictatorship in Spain’s ‘political repression’ of Catalonia, say academics
Spain cracks down on Catalonia independence vote
Facebook hit with €1.2mn fine in Spain for privacy violations
Spain fines Facebook for ‘serious infringements’ of data protection law
Claims CIA warned Spain of impending summer terror attack rebuked by WikiLeaks
How an imam in jeans forged terror cell in Spain
2 suspects in Spain’s terrorist attacks sent to jail, 1 released
Barcelona attack: Suspects ‘planned to hit key monuments’
Spanish police shoot dead suspected Barcelona attacker
Spain terror attacks: Hunt on for van driver
Spain terror cell had 120 gas canisters
Barcelona attack terror cell ‘dismantled’
Barcelona attacker among those killed by police
Stocks shattered by Spain terror attacks as investors flee to gold & cryptocurrencies
‘Four suspected terrorists’ shot dead in Spain
HBO Spain accidentally releases new Game of Thrones episode early
Spain’s economy returns to pre-crisis level   
Catalan reshuffles gov’t before vote on secession from Spain
Spain’s running of the bulls: Firecracker kicks off fiesta
Spain’s Rajoy calls for calm in face of ‘authoritarian delusions’ in Catalonia
Salvador Dali’s bones to be exhumed in Spain for paternity test
Catalonia sets date for landmark vote on independence from Spain
Spain’s divided Socialists choose new leader
Thousands in Spain back no-confidence vote against PM
Spain jibes Britain over Gibraltar ‘war’ threats
Gibraltar chief calls Tusk ‘cuckolded husband’ over backing Spain’s stance on Brexit
British MP rattles sabres over Gibraltar Brexit negotiations
Spain must have a say in post-Brexit Gibraltar’s future: EU
Spain will have veto over Gibraltar in Brexit talks
Spain coast guard rescues 257 migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean
300 African migrants cross into Spain in second wave in three days
Ex-IMF boss goes on trial over Spain Bankia fraud
At least 3 dead as train derails in Spain: authorities
Spain submits Pedro Almodovar’s “Julieta” for foreign Oscar race
Third general election looms in Spain after Rajoy again defeated in investiture vote
Spain: Rajoy’s party signs deal seeking to form government
2 seriously injured in Spain shopping center shooting
Spain intercepts grenade launchers, assault rifles smuggled from Ghana to US
Spain election: Rajoy asked to form government by King Felipe
Spain arrests Moroccan brothers suspected of financing “Islamic State”
Bull makes quick stop at the bank during Spain bull run
European Commission wants to suspend funding Spain & Portugal
Spain: 9 injured, no one gored in final Pamplona bull run
Spain: American gored in second-last San Fermin bull run
Spain & Portugal face EU sanctions after breaking budget rules
Obama to travel to Poland, Spain to attend NATO Summit