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Emissions of potent greenhouse gas have grown, contradicting reports of huge reductions
Particle physicists formulate future of field
Imperial team win €22.5m EU funding to develop rapid test for serious illnesses
Political misinformation found to be related to support for right-wing populism in Europe
It was asteroid impact, not volcanic eruptions, that killed dinosaurs
UB study links weekend eating jet lag to obesity
In death of dinosaurs, it was all about asteroid – not volcanoes
Pablo Jarillo-Herrero wins Wolf Prize for groundbreaking work on twistronics
High resolution structure and molecular simulations of a key bioenergetic protein
Harmonised Unemployment Rates (HURs), OECD – Updated: January 2020
Boeing Responds to Germany’s Heavy Lift Helicopter Invitation to Tender
Stricter checks on imported rescue dogs needed, research warns
Researcher’s discovery paves way for advances in treating cardiovascular disease
Eugene S. Polzik Named Recipient of 2020 Herbert Walther Award
Helen Mirren voices new plant health animation
Making real a biotechnology dream: nitrogen-fixing cereal crops
Water governance: could less sometimes be more?
Prosocial and tolerant parrots help others to obtain food
Northern Ireland seafood firm gears up for Christmas 2020
‘Visionary Aponte: Art and Black Freedom’ opens at Cohen Hall
UK solar company secures funding to build two major solar plants in Spain
LIGO-Virgo Network Catches Another Neutron Star Collision
7 library perks for Concordia grad students
Nadal snaps quokka selfie ahead of ATP Cup debut
Happier 2020 for hundreds thanks to organ donors
A study analyses efficiency in motorway management
Medsafe Reinforces Advice on Lamotrigine
Secret of a good food choice logo – A tour of Logo land
Astronomers reveal new image of candy cane-shaped feature in center of our galaxy
New Space Image Reveals Cosmic ‘Candy Cane’
Sporting success to Police parade – Police graduation tomorrow
McGowan Government leads way in native title
Canada transfers command of Standing NATO Maritime Group Two
Trump’s protectionism raises unemployment
2021 ITU Multisport World Championships
Intergovernmental Committee inscribes five cultural practices on UNESCO’s Representative List of Intangible Heritage
When flowers reached Australia
Targeted therapy drug helps women with aggressive breast cancer live longer
Political inaction on climate change is hurting our most vulnerable, worsening poverty and inequality
Scrubbing carbon dioxide from smokestacks for cleaner industrial emissions
ALMA spots most distant dusty galaxy hidden in plain sight
‘Daring multi-level club solution’ could offer key to combating climate change
Water common – yet scarce – in exoplanets
Opportunity for Aviation in Europe’s Green Deal
Melanie Fink speaks at ELENA Course in Sevilla
A new way to regulate gene expression
COP25: UNICEF Global Chief of Communication Paloma Escudero remarks at high-level UNICEF-OHCHR event
Combination therapy more effective than chemotherapy alone for many newly diagnosed leukemia patients