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Interior Department Report Finds Significant Shortcomings in Oil and Gas Leasing Programs
What happens to our immune systems when we get booster?
Government funding supports new iwi led housing in Ōpōtiki
Sunshine Coast conservationists on hunt for evidence of “ecosystem-engineers” score nearly $30,000 Landcare funding
Future of Tigray and Horn of Africa ‘in grave uncertainty’
D espite climate change, kids with asthma in Los Angeles didn’t have an increase in allergy diagnoses
How can we avoid adding to Cleo Smith’s trauma?
Around 27,000 vaccines given yesterday; 64 in hospital; 139 community cases
New home consents reach unprecedented levels
New poem delves into enigma of eel
How foodborne diseases protect gut’s nervous system
Results of September 2021 survey on credit terms and conditions
UvA biologists find gene that creates extra vacuoles in plant cells
Researchers reveal why right sequence of policies is essential to slow deforestation
Ludwig Lausanne study shows how tumors turn immune cells into enablers of their growth
Rush for new profits posing threat to human rights, UN experts warn
Water is not commodity and financial asset to be exploited, says UN human rights expert
PM must urgently rule out Director-General’s speculation of return to Level 4 for Auckland
Orbital Flatness of Planetary Systems
Key protein linked to appetite and obesity in mice
Amazon Expedition: Where is deforestation advancing?
First evidence of microtubules’ mechanosensitive behavior
Return to housing fundamentals needed to address housing affordability and supply
St Kilda’s superhero
Study reveals gophers’ biofluorescence
Proteins that outwit emerging and re-emerging viruses
ABS data shows house prices are out of control
Researchers find evidence of possible link between herpes simplex and neurogenerative diseases
Mauritius incident was world’s first major spill of Very Low Sulfur Fuel Oil
Epilepsy brain implant does not transform patients’ sense of self or personality but offers them new insights into illness
COVID fragments detected in Bega sewage plant
EPA calls for protection of Exmouth Gulf in highly anticipated report
Paleontologists discover three new species of primitive ungulates
No indication of Covid spread from pro football events with limited attendance
Response to press speculation regarding BHPs Petroleum business
Mountain lions in greater Los Angeles moved less during Covid stay-at-home order
Mystery surrounds profit flow for fresh fruit and veg
Statement by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III on Death of Pentagon Force Protection Agency Officer
Statement by Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, Mr Michael Riches
International project provides definitive data on how key cancer drugs work
Do search engines influence you more than you think?
What will happen to sediment plumes associated with deep-sea mining?
Tax cuts and housing tax breaks are Budget Booby Trap
Citizen science project explores search engine secrets
Why should financial regulators worry about exorbitant house prices?
Difficulty hearing speech could be risk factor for dementia
Elite runners spend more time in air, less on ground, than highly trained but nonelite peers
New Zealand drug agency provides model to insulate NICE from impacts of trade deals